Right Suite Universal version 24.0.1 Release Notes

New Feature – Mini-Split Module
Issues Addressed


These updates are available to all Right Suite Universal owners with a current Wrightsoft Support Subscription (WSS) and all Software as a Subscription (SaaS) users. To check your WSS expiration date, open your copy of RSU and go to Help>Licensing. If your WSS or SaaS has expired, it can be renewed from our website or by contacting our sales team. If you have a current WSS or SaaS or have just renewed, you must still download and install the latest version. You can also do this from our website or by going to the Microsoft Windows menu, finding the folder with your version of RSU, and selecting the “check for updates” option. You can contact our technical support team for assistance at support@wrightsoft.com or 800-225-8697

New Feature – Mini-Split Module

The Mini-Split Module is released with this version. Using our duct-free module, designers can now model ductless or ducted mini-split systems. This new feature is reviewed in our seven-part mini-split video series

Wrightsoft – Right-Duct Free Mini-Splits Training Series (site.com)


  • Duct dampers are enabled for the generic RSU version.
  •  Added ability to turn on/off individual duct notations.
  •  Commercial Short Form report includes coil and ASHP backup information.
  •  Added option to ‘Reset all modeless dialogs to default position and size.’
  •  Added central ventilation equipment model to the Project summary report.
  • Added ‘F280-verified’ line to F280-12 Load reports.
  •  Added Smart Comfort Manual S data and calculations.
  • Updated Unico Pricing information
  • Equipment Data Updates:
    1. Goodman, Amana, Daikin updates)
    2.  Carrier / Bryant and other corresponding brands.
    3.  Smart Comfort Manual S data.
    4.  Panasonic and Pioneer manufacturers added
    5.  Rheem / Ruud data updated, including Manual S data.
    6. AHRI Data as of 03/15/2024

Issues Addressed

  • Floor Diffuser register throw display is corrected.
  • System library no longer crashes when selecting equipment in ‘No Document’ mode.
  • Energy Star Report dialog controls the ‘Verified’ field consistently.
  • Energy Star Report checks the Climate B sizing box consistently.
  • Right-Energy Florida Pass/Fail correct criteria of 95%.
  • CommLoad – users can assign door to partition in ‘Unlinked Draw’ mode.
  • Writing to a specific AutoCAD file does not crash the program.
  • Right-CAD exports to DWG for a specific file.
  • Furnace status is correct on the HVAC 310 Design report.
  • Automatically populate the ‘Attachment’ field in the F280-12 Summary report from infiltration screen data.
  • Invisible riser fitting causes the drawing report to be not centered for some files. Has been fixed.
  • Disable automatic Right-Catalog update on startup in RSU

Right Suite Universal version release notes

Original Release Date – November 2020

Right Suite Universal Release Notes- Version 21.0.01. 1

Updates to RSU – Sorted by Section. 1

General: Saving/Opening Files. 1

Right-Draw: Building Notation Feature Added. 2

Right-Draw: Separate Vaulted/Flat within Frustrum Ceilings. 2

Right-Draw: Resnap Command. 2

Right-Draw: AutoCAD Read/Write Library. 2

Right-Energy: Energy Star Report- Rev.10. 2

Right-J: ASHRAE 2017 Weather. 2

Right-J: Latest AHRI Data. 2

Right-D: Duct Multi-Orientation Report to Excel 2

Right-Radiant: Parts and BOM update. 3

These updates are available to all Right Suite Universal owners with a current Wrightsoft Support Subscription (WSS) and all Software as a Subscription (SaaS) users. To check your WSS expiration date, open your copy of RSU and go to Help>Licensing. If your WSS or SaaS has expired, it can be renewed from our website or by contacting our sales team. If you do have a current WSS or SaaS or just renewed, you must still download and install the latest version. You can also do this from our website For assistance you can contact our technical support team at support.wrightsoft@mii.com or 800-225-8697.

Updates to RSU – Sorted by Section

General: Saving/Opening Files

File> Open/Save as> Search and RJM/RMC access – When saving or opening a file users can now choose between two dialog windows- one with access to RMC and RJM files (the “My Cloud” button), and one with a search capability. Due to Windows limitations these features cannot be used simultaneously. An option has been added to the “Options” menu to toggle between these (“Enable RMC/RJM Cloud File Access”).

Right-Draw: Building Notation Feature Added

Right Draw Sheet Tree>Building Notation Layer – This is a new feature based on multiple customer requests. When windows or doors are drawn a new layer will be automatically added to the sheet tree called “building notation.” On this layer window and door sizes and/or material codes will show on the drawing. These can be hidden/shown by checking/unchecking the “building notation” layer. Options for this notation can be found on the drawing screen property sheet on the “building” tab.

Right-Draw: Separate Vaulted/Flat within Frustrum Ceilings

Vaulted Ceiling Property Sheet> Ceiling Type: Frustrum – This is a new feature specific to Frustrum (A.K.A. Tray) Ceilings that allows users to designate different materials for the sloped (often roof/ceiling) part of the ceiling and the flat (often ceiling under attic) part of the ceiling.  There is a new field added to the property sheet “Separate construction for flat portion” which when set to “yes” will add a field for the “Flat portion construction” which allows the user to select a unique material for the flat portion of the ceiling. The original field “Construction code” will apply to the sloped area.

Right-Draw: Resnap Command

Drawing Menu > Place drawing objects on snap grid –This command will take any objects that are not on the current snap grid and restore them to it. This can resolve issues users may have if they change snap settings during the drawing process (not recommended) as well as issues that occasionally result from zoom settings. Size and position changes can occur if drastically different snap settings were used.  Users can also access this feature with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl-Alt-G.”

Right-Draw: AutoCAD Read/Write Library

Drawing> Write to AutoCAD Files and the ACAD File Button – This feature has been updated for compatibility with the latest versions of DWG and DXF files. Users should see no changes in these features.

Right-Energy: Energy Star Report- Rev.10

File>Code Compliance>Energy Star – RSU’s Energy Star Report has been updated to the latest revision (10) and can be printed from the “Right-Energy” section of the print or print preview window.

Right-J: ASHRAE 2017 Weather

Options>Filter Weather Database Sources –  The database of weather locations now includes the latest ASHRAE data (2017). Which data is available can still be filtered from the options menu.

Right-J: Latest AHRI Data

Show>Equipment>Select Equip – The AHRI database has been updated to include the latest data. This includes resolving several issues with AHRI’s source data such as transposed efficiency numbers and other source data quality issues.

Right-D: Duct Multi-Orientation Report to Excel

File>Generate Duct System Multi-Orientation Report – The Multi-Orientation Duct report can now be printed or exported to Excel. This report shows duct sizes for all 8 orientations of the building as well as a ”worst-case” size summary. The file will generate with the same file name and in the same folder as the source project as an .xls file.

Right-Radiant: Parts and BOM update

Show>Right-Proposal>Bill of Materials – Users of our Right-Radiant who also own Right-Proposal and have selected the Roth customization will have updated parts, an improved automatic takeoff capabilities as specified by the manufacturer, as well as some added information to the Radiant Summary report.

September 23, 2008: Wrightsoft’s Right-SolarDHW

LEXINGTON, MA, September 23, 2008—Wrightsoft’s latest innovation, Right-SolarDHW, provides a new level of functionality for contractors as they help homeowners and business owners find alternatives for their increasing energy costs. As part of Right-Suite® Universal, the Right-SolarDHW module calculates the performance and operating cost savings of solar domestic hot water heating systems.  By integrating the solar option with additional water heating equipment as a back up fuel source, the contractor can instantly produce operating cost comparisons including any statewide or federal tax benefits and incentives.

Right-SolarDHW uses F-Chart calculations, widely accepted as the benchmark design method for solar systems and developed by the Solar Energy Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin. Wrightsoft’s high-speed computations also factor the orientation of the collector types, such as the slope and azimuth, so the contractor can consider “what-if” scenarios in the placement of the collectors. In combination with a built-in library of solar and weather data, Right-SolarDHW can produce accurate results for any project in any location.

As the world considers “green” alternatives to traditional fossil fuels and the average person looks to reduce their energy costs, Right-SolarDHW helps contractors showcase the advantages of solar powered resources. According to the report, Energy Consumption Characteristics of Commercial Building HVAC Systems, Volume III, “HVAC systems in the US account for 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings and close to 50% in residential
buildings.” Using a renewable energy resource such as solar, provides the homeowner or business owner with an environmentally friendly alternative to offset some of their heating and cooling costs.

Right-SolarDHW was developed based on our customer’s desire for a viable energy-efficient and green alternative to meet the demands of their customers and those dictated by market conditions,” stated Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft Corporation. “The module separates our customers from the competition, giving them the tools to easily illustrate the operating cost advantages of using a dual fuel comfort solution that uses renewable energy resources.”

July 15, 2008: Wrightsoft’s Programs Win Awards

LEXINGTON, MA, July 15, 2008—For the fifth consecutive year, Wrightsoft has been recognized for excellence in product design serving the HVAC industry in the annual Dealer Design Awards program. An independent panel of 63 contractors acted as judges in the contest that had 140 entries from 99 manufacturers. Receiving two awards this year, Right-N® was selected as the Silver medal winner and Right-Contact™, the Bronze medal winner in the Contractor Services and Software category.

The recently released version of Right-N includes the latest Manual N 5th edition requirements for energy, comfort, and ventilation. Using the Right-N module, contractors can save time and be assured that they are using the latest ACCA calculation standards for their high-end homes or light commercial projects. Providing another level of functionality to the Right-Suite® Universal software package, contractors can easily use the drag-and-drop technology to create the floor plan of their project, select the Right-N method and have the Manual N worksheet automatically populate to determine the load breakdown. Whether used as part of the Right-Suite Universal package or as a standalone automated worksheet, Right-N includes professional packages of standardized reports, and the ability to zone the system and select equipment.

Also winning within this category is Right-Contact, Wrightsoft’s new Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software. This new program allows contractors to easily manage their customers, sales leads, and additional contacts including customer contact information, activity history and associated proposals. By integrating with Right-Suite Universal, designers, sales and office personnel can combine HVAC design and sales project files with contact and relationship data, scheduling and customer history, customer proposals, job estimates and more. With Right-Contact, Wrightsoft offers a level of integration that has never existed before, providing the entire office with a single, easy-to-use intuitive program instead of using multiple programs and having to transfer data back and forth.

“Wrightsoft continues to offer innovative software solutions to help our customers achieve greater success,” stated Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Wrightsoft. “With a dramatic increase within our product development department, we decided for the first time to enter more than one program. Being recognized by our customers with these awards truly validates our efforts.”

May 23, 2008: Right-N ACCA Manual N Now Available

LEXINGTON, MA, May 23, 2008—Wrightsoft® is pleased to announce the latest release of their Right-N® software module. Formally just a stand-alone program, this latest version is now available in the innovative Right-Suite® Universal HVAC software package, providing the fastest way to produce ACCA-certified Manual N load calculations and complete HVAC system designs. Right-N incorporates the procedures, capabilities, sensitivities, and applications of the newly revised fifth edition of ACCA’s Manual N, the first official rewrite of Manual N in over two decades.

“Including the newly-revised Manual N load calculation method in Right-Suite Universal opens many opportunities for both our residential and commercial users,” said Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft Corporation. “Our program now allows the contractor to compare residential, light commercial and commercial calculations for their project in the same program, enabling them to produce the most accurate results for a wider range of projects and markets while saving time and eliminating the need for additional software tools.”

With the Right-N module, contractors can be reassured that they are using the most accurate and up-to-date twenty-four hour by twelve month load method for light-commercial projects including all of the updates in the 5th edition rewrite of Manual N, the updated ASHRAE 2005 weather data incorporated into the ACCA method, and proper infiltration, ventilation, glazing and internal gain components fully updated for small commercial buildings. Current program users will even be able to quickly compare their loads generated with ACCA Manual J or the ASHRAE method, sold separately, to ACCA Manual N on projects such as high-end homes or other light-commercial layouts using virtually the same process and terminology, reducing or eliminating the learning curve and enabling them to achieve the highest level of comfort for their customers.

“In order for me to be competitive, I needed to find the right software to help me do my HVAC design,” stated Michael Vaught, PE. “Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite Universal helps me turn my jobs around fast and that keeps my customers happy.”

Right-N can function as a standalone, automated worksheet or add another level of functionality to the Right-Suite Universal software package. When used with Right-Draw® in the Right-Suite Universal program, contractors can draw the floor plan of their project, select the Right-N method and have the Manual N worksheet automatically populate through the exclusive Hotlink Technology™ to determine the load and generate standardized reports. The new simplified building materials selection tool using Layered Materials Technology™ and the library of preset and customizable schedules and scenarios for internal gains can also reduce time and increase accuracy. In conjunction with other modules available in the Wrightsoft program, the contractor can then even design duct, radiant, or geothermal systems, generate a parts takeoff list, compare system operating costs and options, and generate a professional, complete proposal.

“Right-Suite Universal is the only product that allows contractors to use a single program for their residential or commercial HVAC load calculations and designs as well as their in-home sales presentations and complete proposals,” continued Edgren. “With the addition of the Right-N module, contractors can easily and confidently expand their business to the light-commercial market and do so with accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism.”

Contractors can learn more about the latest release of Right-N, including how to upgrade to Right-Suite Universal and add the Right-N module, as well as other HVAC software solutions available from Wrightsoft by visiting the newly-updated Wrightsoft website at www.wrightsoft.com.

April 21, 2008: Wrightsoft and Cool Smart Class

LEXINGTON, MA, April 21, 2008—Wrightsoft® is pleased to announce the success of the first two free, one-day load calculation classes held in partnership with the Cool Smart program in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. These training classes, open to contractors serving NSTAR and National Grid customers, are designed to complement all existing efficiency and education programs offered through Cool Smart, NSTAR and National Grid and help contractors learn to use software to complete Manual J load calculations required for rebates. Contractors performing load calculations with software not only maximize the value and comfort offered to their customers while meeting the requirements for rebates, but can save time and guarantee accuracy.

Wrightsoft President Bill Wright with Hale Powell of Westford, MA

With additional classes to be scheduled in the future, the first two classes were held April 17 and 18, 2008 at the Wrightsoft training facility in Lexington, MA and taught with Right-Suite® Universal, the latest software release from Wrightsoft. In the past, contractors have opted not to do load calculations as it was time consuming and expensive to perform them by hand; however, in recent years Wrightsoft has developed tools that decrease the time to do these calculations from hours to minutes, making it the most effective way to accurately size equipment. To further promote the use of software tools, NSTAR Electric and National Grid in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are providing free copies of the Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal software that will be active for three months to class attendees who are not current Wrightsoft users.

Wrightsoft has been developing HVAC load calculation and design software since 1985 as the original partner with ACCA, and Right-Suite Universal incorporates the over 20 years of software development and industry knowledge into a single, easy to use program for HVAC contractors. Wrightsoft’s expertise, and the experience gained by the full-time dedicated training staff, makes the training programs offered by Wrightsoft thorough, comprehensive, and a great investment. Contractors leave not only with an enhanced knowledge of load calculations, but also the skills to apply that knowledge to their daily activities.

“The training was very good and now I can’t see why anyone would do load calculations or sales any other way,” stated Michael Jawski of Cottam Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc about his recent Wrightsoft training class. “Right-Suite Universal is so quick and accurate and everything is at your fingertips – it makes the entire process that much easier.”

The one-day load calculation class is taught with a laptop computer to make it interactive and hands-on. Each attendee leaves the class with:

  • Knowledge of the importance of Manual J load calculations and what they are.
  • Value of load calculations in the residential new construction and replacement markets.
  • Ability to perform a Manual J load calculation using a leading software tool.
  • Ability to print and document the results of a Manual J load calculation for submission for rebates and permits.
  • Certificate of completion.

According to the US Department of Energy, the most common mistake in HVAC system design is oversizing. Oversized equipment makes the new system more expensive to install, forces it to operate inefficiently, break down more often, and cost more to operate. Properly-sized equipment is critical to maximizing the efficiency and customer comfort as well as enabling the lowest maintenance and operating costs throughout the life of the product. Cool Smart and the Department of Energy recommend using the ACCA Manual J load and Manual D duct calculation method to properly size the equipment, rather than just using the size of the existing unit or estimating.

“Wrightsoft and Cool Smart know that educating contractors is the first step toward guaranteeing homeowner comfort and increasing the standards in the HVAC industry,” concluded Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft. “By helping contractors learn to use Right-Suite Universal, they will have an easy to use and accurate tool for completing their calculations, increasing the likelihood that they will apply these high standards to every job.”

The Cool Smart program with Energy Star sponsored by National Grid and NSTAR Electric in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is a residential central air conditioning rebate program that promotes best installation practices, education, and training for HVAC technicians and contractors. Cool Smart now offers a $500 consumer rebate and $100 contractor incentive for central AC with a SEER rating greater than or equal to 14 and an EER rating greater than or equal to 12. In order to qualify, equipment must be sized to match with an ACCA Manual J load calculation. For more information on the Cool Smart program, contractors can visit www.mycoolsmart.com. Cool Smart HVAC program

Additional load calculation classes may be held in the future to accommodate the increased interest generated by this program and the need to properly size equipment. For more information on the one-day load calculation class offered by Cool Smart as well as other training classes and options offered by Wrightsoft, please visit www.wrightsoft.com/training.

April 8, 2008: Comfort Builder 2008 Released

LEXINGTON, MA, April 7, 2008—Wrightsoft is pleased to announce the release and shipment of the Comfort Builder 2008 in-home selling and design software, developed in partnership with Carrier Corporation to assist Bryant and Carrier dealers with their load calculations, designs, and in-home sales process. Based on Wrightsoft’s innovative Right-Suite® Universal, the latest version of Comfort Builder includes many of the new improvements from Wrightsoft including Layered Materials Technology™ for assigning accurate materials values, advanced design and takeoff features, and new internet update and registration capabilities, as well as a fully-updated Carrier and Bryant product database.

“Purchasing the Comfort Builder program was one of the best business decisions I’ve made,” remarked Bob Quierolo, Jr. of B & B Heating and Air Conditioning. “Comfort Builder by Wrightsoft has helped me streamline the in-home sales process, because it gives the homeowner many, many reasons to simply move forward with me.”

The Comfort Builder 2008 program is included in the Carrier Full Alliance and Bryant Full Select dealer membership programs along with many other benefits, and is also available for purchase by non-participating Carrier and Bryant dealers. The Comfort Builder program incorporates detailed manufacturer and product information for Carrier and Bryant in five integrated Wrightsoft modules including Right-J® for ACCA Manual J load calculations, Right-Draw® for graphical, drag-and-drop building description, Right-Sales® for presentations, proposals, parts takeoff lists and sales management, Right-$™ for operating cost analysis and equipment comparison, and Right-D® for ACCA Manual D duct designs.

Comfort Builder 2008 can be fully customized to match the business appearance and needs of a company including their logo, custom proposals and presentations, as well as the company’s database of parts, design rules, and equipment pricing. The Comfort Builder program enables contractors to easily involve the homeowner in the sales process, while promoting proper sizing and high standards for professionalism. Contractors can use the Comfort Builder program to conduct a complete in-home sales presentation that can include a Manual J load calculation, Manual D duct design, an interactive customer needs questionnaire with dynamic accessories recommendations, equipment comparison and operating cost analysis, and a ready-to-print professional proposal.

“We have been very pleased to have Carrier Corporation as our strategic partner for the last three years to develop this product for their Carrier and Bryant dealers,” stated Chris Edgren, Wrightsoft Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The Comfort Builder program is a cutting edge tool that can help separate these dealers from their competition with professional presentations and proposals while promoting the proper load calculations and a focus on homeowner comfort to set a new standard for professionalism and accuracy in the industry.”

Wrightsoft and Carrier Corporation are continuing to collaborate to release an update to Comfort Builder 2008 to be available in May or June 2008. This release will include the first-ever ductless design tool customized for Carrier and Bryant equipment as well as advanced sales, proposal, and contact management modules with features and capabilities currently unavailable to contractors and their businesses. These tools are designed to further assist in managing and improving relationships with prospects, customers, and vendors to ultimately improve the company’s sales and sales process. Carrier and Bryant dealers can find additional product, licensing, and support information on the Comfort Builder program at www.wrightsoft.com/cbcarrier and www.wrightsoft.com/cbbryant.

In addition to Comfort Builder, Wrightsoft provides several other customized manufacturer versions of the Right-Sales module in Right-Suite Universal including full databases of product and marketing data, and manufacturer presentations and branding. To learn more about manufacturer versions, or for more information on Wrightsoft and Right-Suite Universal in general, please contact Wrightsoft at 800-225-8697 or visit www.wrightsoft.com.

March 12, 2008: RSU Solutions for Commercial Users

LEXINGTON, MA, March 12, 2008—With 41 states requiring load calculations for commercial permit applications, light commercial and industrial contractors can save time and ensure accuracy with Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite® Universal software package. This latest software release offers the fastest way to produce load calculations and designs with the ability to easily switch between ASHRAE’s latest, Radiant Time Series (RTS) or the Cooling Load, Temperature Difference (CLTD) load calculation methods, as part of the Right-CommLoad™ module.

Learn More About Right-CommLoad >>

“When I saw that Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite Universal included ASHRAE’s Radiant Time Series (RTS) load calculation method, I was very eager to upgrade my current version,” declared Michael Vaught, P.E. “There is no practical way to do RTS calculations without software and Right-Suite Universal is the easiest tool for it.”

The new ASHRAE RTS method was developed by ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 4.1, Load Calculation Data and Procedures, as a principle-based load calculation method that is less dependent on approximated data and uses an array of repetitive equations to produce accurate results. The flexibility of the RTS method makes it able to handle both small and large commercial buildings but due to its complexity, producing calculations by hand is virtually impossible. Charles Barnaby, Wrightsoft’s Vice President of Research, is a member of the ASHRAE committee and worked to develop the Right-CommLoad module for Right-Suite Universal to include the new RTS method. Barnaby continues to monitor the latest refinements of this method to incorporate them into the program, ensuring commercial contractors are using the most accurate and effective method to determine their load.

Unlike other HVAC software programs, Right-Suite Universal is modular and can be fully customized with any combination of the load calculation, design, and sales modules available. These modules are seamlessly connected through the proprietary Hotlink Technology™, so that a change made in one area is instantly reflected in all other connected modules. Simply draw your building layout in Right-Draw® and instantly with Right-CommLoad, your ASHRAE CLTD or RTS load calculation is automatically determined and your reports can be printed. Easily add a duct design and layout with parts takeoff lists, operating cost analysis or a full proposal with additional modules.

In addition to the added benefit of having ASHRAE’s new RTS method, Wrightsoft is also currently working to incorporate the 5th Edition of the Manual N light-commercial method just released from ACCA. “Right-Suite Universal’s automation provides our customers with the fastest way to generate a load calculation and compare results across different methods including the ASHRAE CLTD and RTS, ACCA Manual J and soon Manual N in order to produce the most accurate load for their project,” stated Chris Edgren, Wrightsoft Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With Right-Suite Universal and the added developments and support for the commercial contractor, we are continuing our commitment to increase the business success of our customers in all aspects of the HVAC industry.”

February 7, 2008: Wrightsoft Hosts First Class

LEXINGTON, MA, October 1, 2007–As part of the ongoing efforts to expand the Right-University™ training program, Wrightsoft hosted the first training class in their recently-completed training facility in their new headquarters. The new training classroom comfortably accommodates up to eighteen attendees with laptops and has a projector and large screen for demonstrating Right-Suite™ Universal, Wrightsoft’s latest software release.

“The training was very good and now I can’t see why anyone would do load calculations any other way,” stated Michael Jawski, Sales Manager, Cottam Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. “Right-Suite Universal is so quick and everything is at your fingertips – it makes the entire design and sales process that much easier.”

This sold-out 2-day class held February 5 – 6, 2008, focused on using Right-Suite Universal for residential applications, the most popular class topic offered. Beginning with an overview of the program and how to use Right-Draw® for completing Manual J load calculations and Manual D duct designs, the class then moved to more advanced topics such as generating the bill of materials and proposal documents, and customizing the libraries and appearance of the program. Throughout the class, attendees were introduced to time-saving techniques and tips including keyboard shortcuts, and how to use the program’s wizards, templates, libraries and navigation bar to improve their efficiency, reduce their learning curve, and give them an advantage over their competition.

“From taking this class I went from not knowing how to use the program to drawing an entire house for a complete heat load calculation in 15 minutes,” confirmed Paul Prevett, President, Prevett Heating and Cooling, Inc.

Although just one option offered through Wrightsoft Right-University, training classes are typically two-day classes focused on using the Right-Suite Universal program for residential, commercial, or in-home sales applications. Taught by one of the two full-time Wrightsoft trainers, these classes are held throughout the country, hosted by a company or distributor, and open to the public or privately held. The latest training schedule can be found at www.wrightsoft.com/training and upcoming 2-Day Right-Suite Universal for Residential applications classes include:

  • February 20 – 21: Tucson, AZ
  • March 18 – 19: Albuquerque, NM
  • March 25 – 26: Lexington, MA
  • March 25 – 26: Elkhart, IN
  • April 23 – 24: Omaha, NE
  • April 29 – 30: Arlington, TX

Other options offered through Right-University include workshops, webinars, and On-Demand Video Training. Workshops focus on specific aspects of Right-Suite Universal such as using Right-Sales® or Right-ProposalTM and customers are worked with individually to set up the program to meet their specific needs. Webinars, one-on-one online product instruction regularly conducted by Wrightsoft’s technical support team, are customized sessions best suited for those requiring additional instruction or assistance with specific questions or tasks. For access to instruction at any time, On-Demand Training is an online resource providing a library of over 70 videos covering a variety of basic and advanced topics designed to assist a wide range of users by allowing them to learn at their own pace from any location and at any time.

“Our new training facility gives us an opportunity to provide an increased level of customer support and interaction, allowing us to tailor the classes, and ultimately the program, to meet their needs,” said Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft Corporation. “With this guaranteed location we can now expand our Right-University training program to a variety of topics and formats as well as increase the number and frequency of the classes.”

To learn more about Wrightsoft Right-University training options or to register for a class, please contact Wrightsoft at (800) 225-8697 or training@wrightsoft.com. Additional information including detailed descriptions of the options available as well as sample agendas can also be found at www.wrightsoft.com.

January 16, 2008: Wrightsoft Hires Jonathan Jacobs

LEXINGTON, MA, January 16, 2008—Wrightsoft welcomes Jonathan Jacobs to its Technical Support and Training Department. As a former contractor, Jacobs has an extensive working knowledge of HVAC design, estimation, and sales along with a demonstrated proficiency using Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite™ products. With the addition of Jacobs, Wrightsoft aims to increase its level of customer service and expand its expertise in the fields of training and support services. Jacobs will work remotely in Florida to assist customers with technical support questions, training, and customizing Right-Suite with their own parts and equipment database through Wrightsoft’s Professional Services.

“Jon is a welcome addition to our team,” stated Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “He has a vast knowledge of HVAC design, strong computer skills, and an exceptional understanding of our programs. His experience using Right-Suite is an invaluable tool for our customers as we continue our commitment to increase their business success.”

Jacobs began his career as an estimator for Mike Morello Inc, in Palm Coast, Florida, and later became their Operations Manager for New Construction. Throughout his career, spanning 8 years, he has expertly used Right-Suite, producing energy calculations for building departments, pricing for builders, and duct layouts for installers. Jacobs is also certified in Air Balancing by the National Comfort Institute and as an Energy Rater by the state of Florida.

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