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To increase the business success of HVAC contractors, wholesale distributors, and manufacturers through computer automation of system design, sales, ordering, and commissioning.


Revolutionizing HVAC Design Since 1986


The partnership between Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and Wrightsoft began with electrical engineer Bill Wright, an energy conservation consultant to major corporations. Bill met with HVAC contractors regularly in his consulting work, and realized the need for software that could replace the difficult, inconsistent, labor-intensive calculations required in Manual J methods. In 1985, Bill designed a residential load program, Right-J®, to replicate the industry standards found in Manual J.

Right-J broke new ground in calculating residential loads by dramatically shortening the design time, and soon became the industry standard. Since 1986, the partnership between Wrightsoft Corporation (formerly Wright Associates) and the ACCA has continued to grow, and has resulted in a complete family of ACCA-approved HVAC system design software.

In 2019, Wrightsoft became part of the MiTek family, which has allowed them to reach more HVAC professionals, expand their staff to include additional HVAC experts, grow their product line, and provide more responsive customer support.

Over the years, Wrightsoft has added functionality for both residential and commercial markets, including modules for duct design, high-velocity, CAD-quality, radiant heating, geothermal loops, and more. Additional software has even been developed to support in-home sales.


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