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April 21, 2008: Wrightsoft and Cool Smart Class

Wrightsoft and Cool Smart Host Load Calculation Classes

Classes Help Contractors Serving NSTAR and National Grid Customers to Use Software to Properly Size Equipment, Qualify for Customer Rebates


LEXINGTON, MA, April 21, 2008—Wrightsoft® is pleased to announce the success of the first two free, one-day load calculation classes held in partnership with the Cool Smart program in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. These training classes, open to contractors serving NSTAR and National Grid customers, are designed to complement all existing efficiency and education programs offered through Cool Smart, NSTAR and National Grid and help contractors learn to use software to complete Manual J load calculations required for rebates. Contractors performing load calculations with software not only maximize the value and comfort offered to their customers while meeting the requirements for rebates, but can save time and guarantee accuracy.

Wrightsoft President Bill Wright with Hale Powell of Westford, MA

With additional classes to be scheduled in the future, the first two classes were held April 17 and 18, 2008 at the Wrightsoft training facility in Lexington, MA and taught with Right-Suite® Universal, the latest software release from Wrightsoft. In the past, contractors have opted not to do load calculations as it was time consuming and expensive to perform them by hand; however, in recent years Wrightsoft has developed tools that decrease the time to do these calculations from hours to minutes, making it the most effective way to accurately size equipment. To further promote the use of software tools, NSTAR Electric and National Grid in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are providing free copies of the Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal software that will be active for three months to class attendees who are not current Wrightsoft users.

Wrightsoft has been developing HVAC load calculation and design software since 1985 as the original partner with ACCA, and Right-Suite Universal incorporates the over 20 years of software development and industry knowledge into a single, easy to use program for HVAC contractors. Wrightsoft’s expertise, and the experience gained by the full-time dedicated training staff, makes the training programs offered by Wrightsoft thorough, comprehensive, and a great investment. Contractors leave not only with an enhanced knowledge of load calculations, but also the skills to apply that knowledge to their daily activities.

“The training was very good and now I can’t see why anyone would do load calculations or sales any other way,” stated Michael Jawski of Cottam Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc about his recent Wrightsoft training class. “Right-Suite Universal is so quick and accurate and everything is at your fingertips – it makes the entire process that much easier.”

The one-day load calculation class is taught with a laptop computer to make it interactive and hands-on. Each attendee leaves the class with:

  • Knowledge of the importance of Manual J load calculations and what they are.
  • Value of load calculations in the residential new construction and replacement markets.
  • Ability to perform a Manual J load calculation using a leading software tool.
  • Ability to print and document the results of a Manual J load calculation for submission for rebates and permits.
  • Certificate of completion.

According to the US Department of Energy, the most common mistake in HVAC system design is oversizing. Oversized equipment makes the new system more expensive to install, forces it to operate inefficiently, break down more often, and cost more to operate. Properly-sized equipment is critical to maximizing the efficiency and customer comfort as well as enabling the lowest maintenance and operating costs throughout the life of the product. Cool Smart and the Department of Energy recommend using the ACCA Manual J load and Manual D duct calculation method to properly size the equipment, rather than just using the size of the existing unit or estimating.

“Wrightsoft and Cool Smart know that educating contractors is the first step toward guaranteeing homeowner comfort and increasing the standards in the HVAC industry,” concluded Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft. “By helping contractors learn to use Right-Suite Universal, they will have an easy to use and accurate tool for completing their calculations, increasing the likelihood that they will apply these high standards to every job.”

The Cool Smart program with Energy Star sponsored by National Grid and NSTAR Electric in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is a residential central air conditioning rebate program that promotes best installation practices, education, and training for HVAC technicians and contractors. Cool Smart now offers a $500 consumer rebate and $100 contractor incentive for central AC with a SEER rating greater than or equal to 14 and an EER rating greater than or equal to 12. In order to qualify, equipment must be sized to match with an ACCA Manual J load calculation. For more information on the Cool Smart program, contractors can visit Cool Smart HVAC program

Additional load calculation classes may be held in the future to accommodate the increased interest generated by this program and the need to properly size equipment. For more information on the one-day load calculation class offered by Cool Smart as well as other training classes and options offered by Wrightsoft, please visit

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