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September 23, 2008: Wrightsoft’s Right-SolarDHW

Wrightsoft's Right-SolarDHW™ Increases Business Opportunities For Contractors

Right-SolarDHW Separates Contractors From The Competition With Renewable Energy Alternatives For Their Customers

LEXINGTON, MA, September 23, 2008—Wrightsoft’s latest innovation, Right-SolarDHW, provides a new level of functionality for contractors as they help homeowners and business owners find alternatives for their increasing energy costs. As part of Right-Suite® Universal, the Right-SolarDHW module calculates the performance and operating cost savings of solar domestic hot water heating systems.  By integrating the solar option with additional water heating equipment as a back up fuel source, the contractor can instantly produce operating cost comparisons including any statewide or federal tax benefits and incentives.

Right-SolarDHW uses F-Chart calculations, widely accepted as the benchmark design method for solar systems and developed by the Solar Energy Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin. Wrightsoft’s high-speed computations also factor the orientation of the collector types, such as the slope and azimuth, so the contractor can consider “what-if” scenarios in the placement of the collectors. In combination with a built-in library of solar and weather data, Right-SolarDHW can produce accurate results for any project in any location.

As the world considers “green” alternatives to traditional fossil fuels and the average person looks to reduce their energy costs, Right-SolarDHW helps contractors showcase the advantages of solar powered resources. According to the report, Energy Consumption Characteristics of Commercial Building HVAC Systems, Volume III, “HVAC systems in the US account for 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings and close to 50% in residential
buildings.” Using a renewable energy resource such as solar, provides the homeowner or business owner with an environmentally friendly alternative to offset some of their heating and cooling costs.

Right-SolarDHW was developed based on our customer’s desire for a viable energy-efficient and green alternative to meet the demands of their customers and those dictated by market conditions,” stated Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft Corporation. “The module separates our customers from the competition, giving them the tools to easily illustrate the operating cost advantages of using a dual fuel comfort solution that uses renewable energy resources.”

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