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March 12, 2008: RSU Solutions for Commercial Users

Right-Suite Universal Offers Solutions to Commercial HVAC Contractors

Wrightsoft's Latest Software Release Developed with Industry Experts on Staff and Proprietary Technologies Includes New ASHRAE RTS Load Method

LEXINGTON, MA, March 12, 2008—With 41 states requiring load calculations for commercial permit applications, light commercial and industrial contractors can save time and ensure accuracy with Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite® Universal software package. This latest software release offers the fastest way to produce load calculations and designs with the ability to easily switch between ASHRAE’s latest, Radiant Time Series (RTS) or the Cooling Load, Temperature Difference (CLTD) load calculation methods, as part of the Right-CommLoad™ module.

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“When I saw that Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite Universal included ASHRAE’s Radiant Time Series (RTS) load calculation method, I was very eager to upgrade my current version,” declared Michael Vaught, P.E. “There is no practical way to do RTS calculations without software and Right-Suite Universal is the easiest tool for it.”

The new ASHRAE RTS method was developed by ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 4.1, Load Calculation Data and Procedures, as a principle-based load calculation method that is less dependent on approximated data and uses an array of repetitive equations to produce accurate results. The flexibility of the RTS method makes it able to handle both small and large commercial buildings but due to its complexity, producing calculations by hand is virtually impossible. Charles Barnaby, Wrightsoft’s Vice President of Research, is a member of the ASHRAE committee and worked to develop the Right-CommLoad module for Right-Suite Universal to include the new RTS method. Barnaby continues to monitor the latest refinements of this method to incorporate them into the program, ensuring commercial contractors are using the most accurate and effective method to determine their load.

Unlike other HVAC software programs, Right-Suite Universal is modular and can be fully customized with any combination of the load calculation, design, and sales modules available. These modules are seamlessly connected through the proprietary Hotlink Technology™, so that a change made in one area is instantly reflected in all other connected modules. Simply draw your building layout in Right-Draw® and instantly with Right-CommLoad, your ASHRAE CLTD or RTS load calculation is automatically determined and your reports can be printed. Easily add a duct design and layout with parts takeoff lists, operating cost analysis or a full proposal with additional modules.

In addition to the added benefit of having ASHRAE’s new RTS method, Wrightsoft is also currently working to incorporate the 5th Edition of the Manual N light-commercial method just released from ACCA. “Right-Suite Universal’s automation provides our customers with the fastest way to generate a load calculation and compare results across different methods including the ASHRAE CLTD and RTS, ACCA Manual J and soon Manual N in order to produce the most accurate load for their project,” stated Chris Edgren, Wrightsoft Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With Right-Suite Universal and the added developments and support for the commercial contractor, we are continuing our commitment to increase the business success of our customers in all aspects of the HVAC industry.”

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