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Right Suite Universal version 24.0.1 Release Notes

New Feature – Mini-Split Module
Issues Addressed


These updates are available to all Right Suite Universal owners with a current Wrightsoft Support Subscription (WSS) and all Software as a Subscription (SaaS) users. To check your WSS expiration date, open your copy of RSU and go to Help>Licensing. If your WSS or SaaS has expired, it can be renewed from our website or by contacting our sales team. If you have a current WSS or SaaS or have just renewed, you must still download and install the latest version. You can also do this from our website or by going to the Microsoft Windows menu, finding the folder with your version of RSU, and selecting the “check for updates” option. You can contact our technical support team for assistance at or 800-225-8697

New Feature – Mini-Split Module

The Mini-Split Module is released with this version. Using our duct-free module, designers can now model ductless or ducted mini-split systems. This new feature is reviewed in our seven-part mini-split video series

Wrightsoft – Right-Duct Free Mini-Splits Training Series (


  • Duct dampers are enabled for the generic RSU version.
  •  Added ability to turn on/off individual duct notations.
  •  Commercial Short Form report includes coil and ASHP backup information.
  •  Added option to ‘Reset all modeless dialogs to default position and size.’
  •  Added central ventilation equipment model to the Project summary report.
  • Added ‘F280-verified’ line to F280-12 Load reports.
  •  Added Smart Comfort Manual S data and calculations.
  • Updated Unico Pricing information
  • Equipment Data Updates:
    1. Goodman, Amana, Daikin updates)
    2.  Carrier / Bryant and other corresponding brands.
    3.  Smart Comfort Manual S data.
    4.  Panasonic and Pioneer manufacturers added
    5.  Rheem / Ruud data updated, including Manual S data.
    6. AHRI Data as of 03/15/2024

Issues Addressed

  • Floor Diffuser register throw display is corrected.
  • System library no longer crashes when selecting equipment in ‘No Document’ mode.
  • Energy Star Report dialog controls the ‘Verified’ field consistently.
  • Energy Star Report checks the Climate B sizing box consistently.
  • Right-Energy Florida Pass/Fail correct criteria of 95%.
  • CommLoad – users can assign door to partition in ‘Unlinked Draw’ mode.
  • Writing to a specific AutoCAD file does not crash the program.
  • Right-CAD exports to DWG for a specific file.
  • Furnace status is correct on the HVAC 310 Design report.
  • Automatically populate the ‘Attachment’ field in the F280-12 Summary report from infiltration screen data.
  • Invisible riser fitting causes the drawing report to be not centered for some files. Has been fixed.
  • Disable automatic Right-Catalog update on startup in RSU

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