Integrated Rebate Identifier with GreenOhm

Get rebates automatically as you select equipment in Right-Mobile Consultant, which is connected to GreenOhm’s rebate and incentive solutions. This solution will enable you to increase your sales by influencing customers’ purchasing behavior for energy efficient products and services. Access to the largest available dataset of energy efficiency rebates, incentives and tax credits offered by utility companies, municipalities, counties, states, federal, retailers for HVAC energy efficient products with this product.

How it Works:

When you select equipment, Right-Mobile Consultant connects to the GreenOhm database to identify applicable federal and local rebates for the zip code you enter based on the energy efficiency and equipment capacity. The rebate(s) automatically populate on the Payback Period screen. To view the rebates and select which ones you want (if there is more than 1 to choose from), click on the underlined rebate amount to open the rebate details screen.

Key Features:

  • Works automatically with ZIP code and equipment selection of Right-Mobile Consultant
  • Pulls in rebates and incentives into ROI and proposal
  • Energy savings communicated simply and precisely

Figure 1.
Enter ZIP code on Utility Cost screen and it links with GreenOhm to populate savings on the Payback screen.
[click for enlarged view]

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