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Right Suite Universal version release notes

MiTek Wrightsoft® RSU v21 release notes

Right Suite Universal Release Notes- Version 21.0.01

Original Release Date – November 2020

Right Suite Universal Release Notes- Version 21.0.01. 1

Updates to RSU – Sorted by Section. 1

General: Saving/Opening Files. 1

Right-Draw: Building Notation Feature Added. 2

Right-Draw: Separate Vaulted/Flat within Frustrum Ceilings. 2

Right-Draw: Resnap Command. 2

Right-Draw: AutoCAD Read/Write Library. 2

Right-Energy: Energy Star Report- Rev.10. 2

Right-J: ASHRAE 2017 Weather. 2

Right-J: Latest AHRI Data. 2

Right-D: Duct Multi-Orientation Report to Excel 2

Right-Radiant: Parts and BOM update. 3

These updates are available to all Right Suite Universal owners with a current Wrightsoft Support Subscription (WSS) and all Software as a Subscription (SaaS) users. To check your WSS expiration date, open your copy of RSU and go to Help>Licensing. If your WSS or SaaS has expired, it can be renewed from our website or by contacting our sales team. If you do have a current WSS or SaaS or just renewed, you must still download and install the latest version. You can also do this from our website For assistance you can contact our technical support team at or 800-225-8697.

Updates to RSU – Sorted by Section

General: Saving/Opening Files

File> Open/Save as> Search and RJM/RMC access – When saving or opening a file users can now choose between two dialog windows- one with access to RMC and RJM files (the “My Cloud” button), and one with a search capability. Due to Windows limitations these features cannot be used simultaneously. An option has been added to the “Options” menu to toggle between these (“Enable RMC/RJM Cloud File Access”).

Right-Draw: Building Notation Feature Added

Right Draw Sheet Tree>Building Notation Layer – This is a new feature based on multiple customer requests. When windows or doors are drawn a new layer will be automatically added to the sheet tree called “building notation.” On this layer window and door sizes and/or material codes will show on the drawing. These can be hidden/shown by checking/unchecking the “building notation” layer. Options for this notation can be found on the drawing screen property sheet on the “building” tab.

Right-Draw: Separate Vaulted/Flat within Frustrum Ceilings

Vaulted Ceiling Property Sheet> Ceiling Type: Frustrum – This is a new feature specific to Frustrum (A.K.A. Tray) Ceilings that allows users to designate different materials for the sloped (often roof/ceiling) part of the ceiling and the flat (often ceiling under attic) part of the ceiling.  There is a new field added to the property sheet “Separate construction for flat portion” which when set to “yes” will add a field for the “Flat portion construction” which allows the user to select a unique material for the flat portion of the ceiling. The original field “Construction code” will apply to the sloped area.

Right-Draw: Resnap Command

Drawing Menu > Place drawing objects on snap grid –This command will take any objects that are not on the current snap grid and restore them to it. This can resolve issues users may have if they change snap settings during the drawing process (not recommended) as well as issues that occasionally result from zoom settings. Size and position changes can occur if drastically different snap settings were used.  Users can also access this feature with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl-Alt-G.”

Right-Draw: AutoCAD Read/Write Library

Drawing> Write to AutoCAD Files and the ACAD File Button – This feature has been updated for compatibility with the latest versions of DWG and DXF files. Users should see no changes in these features.

Right-Energy: Energy Star Report- Rev.10

File>Code Compliance>Energy Star – RSU’s Energy Star Report has been updated to the latest revision (10) and can be printed from the “Right-Energy” section of the print or print preview window.

Right-J: ASHRAE 2017 Weather

Options>Filter Weather Database Sources –  The database of weather locations now includes the latest ASHRAE data (2017). Which data is available can still be filtered from the options menu.

Right-J: Latest AHRI Data

Show>Equipment>Select Equip – The AHRI database has been updated to include the latest data. This includes resolving several issues with AHRI’s source data such as transposed efficiency numbers and other source data quality issues.

Right-D: Duct Multi-Orientation Report to Excel

File>Generate Duct System Multi-Orientation Report – The Multi-Orientation Duct report can now be printed or exported to Excel. This report shows duct sizes for all 8 orientations of the building as well as a ”worst-case” size summary. The file will generate with the same file name and in the same folder as the source project as an .xls file.

Right-Radiant: Parts and BOM update

Show>Right-Proposal>Bill of Materials – Users of our Right-Radiant who also own Right-Proposal and have selected the Roth customization will have updated parts, an improved automatic takeoff capabilities as specified by the manufacturer, as well as some added information to the Radiant Summary report.

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