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February 7, 2008: Wrightsoft Hosts First Class

Wrightsoft Hosts First Class in New Training Facility

New Headquarters Includes Large In-House Training Center for Hosting Expanded Schedule of Classes and Workshops


LEXINGTON, MA, October 1, 2007–As part of the ongoing efforts to expand the Right-University™ training program, Wrightsoft hosted the first training class in their recently-completed training facility in their new headquarters. The new training classroom comfortably accommodates up to eighteen attendees with laptops and has a projector and large screen for demonstrating Right-Suite™ Universal, Wrightsoft’s latest software release.

“The training was very good and now I can’t see why anyone would do load calculations any other way,” stated Michael Jawski, Sales Manager, Cottam Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. “Right-Suite Universal is so quick and everything is at your fingertips – it makes the entire design and sales process that much easier.”

This sold-out 2-day class held February 5 – 6, 2008, focused on using Right-Suite Universal for residential applications, the most popular class topic offered. Beginning with an overview of the program and how to use Right-Draw® for completing Manual J load calculations and Manual D duct designs, the class then moved to more advanced topics such as generating the bill of materials and proposal documents, and customizing the libraries and appearance of the program. Throughout the class, attendees were introduced to time-saving techniques and tips including keyboard shortcuts, and how to use the program’s wizards, templates, libraries and navigation bar to improve their efficiency, reduce their learning curve, and give them an advantage over their competition.

“From taking this class I went from not knowing how to use the program to drawing an entire house for a complete heat load calculation in 15 minutes,” confirmed Paul Prevett, President, Prevett Heating and Cooling, Inc.

Although just one option offered through Wrightsoft Right-University, training classes are typically two-day classes focused on using the Right-Suite Universal program for residential, commercial, or in-home sales applications. Taught by one of the two full-time Wrightsoft trainers, these classes are held throughout the country, hosted by a company or distributor, and open to the public or privately held. The latest training schedule can be found at and upcoming 2-Day Right-Suite Universal for Residential applications classes include:

  • February 20 – 21: Tucson, AZ
  • March 18 – 19: Albuquerque, NM
  • March 25 – 26: Lexington, MA
  • March 25 – 26: Elkhart, IN
  • April 23 – 24: Omaha, NE
  • April 29 – 30: Arlington, TX

Other options offered through Right-University include workshops, webinars, and On-Demand Video Training. Workshops focus on specific aspects of Right-Suite Universal such as using Right-Sales® or Right-ProposalTM and customers are worked with individually to set up the program to meet their specific needs. Webinars, one-on-one online product instruction regularly conducted by Wrightsoft’s technical support team, are customized sessions best suited for those requiring additional instruction or assistance with specific questions or tasks. For access to instruction at any time, On-Demand Training is an online resource providing a library of over 70 videos covering a variety of basic and advanced topics designed to assist a wide range of users by allowing them to learn at their own pace from any location and at any time.

“Our new training facility gives us an opportunity to provide an increased level of customer support and interaction, allowing us to tailor the classes, and ultimately the program, to meet their needs,” said Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft Corporation. “With this guaranteed location we can now expand our Right-University training program to a variety of topics and formats as well as increase the number and frequency of the classes.”

To learn more about Wrightsoft Right-University training options or to register for a class, please contact Wrightsoft at (800) 225-8697 or Additional information including detailed descriptions of the options available as well as sample agendas can also be found at

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