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May 23, 2008: Right-N ACCA Manual N Now Available

Right-N ACCA Manual N Load Calculation Module Now Available!

New Module in Right-Suite Universal Package is the Fastest Way to Produce ACCA-Certified Manual N, 5th Ed. Load Calculations

LEXINGTON, MA, May 23, 2008—Wrightsoft® is pleased to announce the latest release of their Right-N® software module. Formally just a stand-alone program, this latest version is now available in the innovative Right-Suite® Universal HVAC software package, providing the fastest way to produce ACCA-certified Manual N load calculations and complete HVAC system designs. Right-N incorporates the procedures, capabilities, sensitivities, and applications of the newly revised fifth edition of ACCA’s Manual N, the first official rewrite of Manual N in over two decades.

“Including the newly-revised Manual N load calculation method in Right-Suite Universal opens many opportunities for both our residential and commercial users,” said Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft Corporation. “Our program now allows the contractor to compare residential, light commercial and commercial calculations for their project in the same program, enabling them to produce the most accurate results for a wider range of projects and markets while saving time and eliminating the need for additional software tools.”

With the Right-N module, contractors can be reassured that they are using the most accurate and up-to-date twenty-four hour by twelve month load method for light-commercial projects including all of the updates in the 5th edition rewrite of Manual N, the updated ASHRAE 2005 weather data incorporated into the ACCA method, and proper infiltration, ventilation, glazing and internal gain components fully updated for small commercial buildings. Current program users will even be able to quickly compare their loads generated with ACCA Manual J or the ASHRAE method, sold separately, to ACCA Manual N on projects such as high-end homes or other light-commercial layouts using virtually the same process and terminology, reducing or eliminating the learning curve and enabling them to achieve the highest level of comfort for their customers.

“In order for me to be competitive, I needed to find the right software to help me do my HVAC design,” stated Michael Vaught, PE. “Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite Universal helps me turn my jobs around fast and that keeps my customers happy.”

Right-N can function as a standalone, automated worksheet or add another level of functionality to the Right-Suite Universal software package. When used with Right-Draw® in the Right-Suite Universal program, contractors can draw the floor plan of their project, select the Right-N method and have the Manual N worksheet automatically populate through the exclusive Hotlink Technology™ to determine the load and generate standardized reports. The new simplified building materials selection tool using Layered Materials Technology™ and the library of preset and customizable schedules and scenarios for internal gains can also reduce time and increase accuracy. In conjunction with other modules available in the Wrightsoft program, the contractor can then even design duct, radiant, or geothermal systems, generate a parts takeoff list, compare system operating costs and options, and generate a professional, complete proposal.

“Right-Suite Universal is the only product that allows contractors to use a single program for their residential or commercial HVAC load calculations and designs as well as their in-home sales presentations and complete proposals,” continued Edgren. “With the addition of the Right-N module, contractors can easily and confidently expand their business to the light-commercial market and do so with accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism.”

Contractors can learn more about the latest release of Right-N, including how to upgrade to Right-Suite Universal and add the Right-N module, as well as other HVAC software solutions available from Wrightsoft by visiting the newly-updated Wrightsoft website at

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