Revisiting the MiTek - Wrightsoft Partnership - Wednesday, June 12, 2019

After a recent visit to Wrightsoft’s office in Lexington, as I was driving back to Boston International Airport to fly home, my iPhone’s Map App decided it was not going to function properly. For those who are not familiar with Boston, it is a large city with a lot of history. It’s not as cut and dry to drive anywhere as it might seem. I’ve been to cities where any person on the street could easily give a stranger directions. No GPS required. They could say, “Take the 25 North to the 470 East, and you will see signs to the airport.” Boom. Yet the route to Boston’s airport is not so easily negotiated. Let’s suffice to say, I was freaking out. I didn’t have time to waste driving around. I had a plane to catch!Revisiting the MiTek-Wrightsoft Partnership

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