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Revisiting The MiTek-Wrightsoft Partnership

  • 01 May 19
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After a recent visit to Wrightsoft’s office in Lexington, as I was driving back to Boston International Airport to fly home, my iPhone’s Map App decided it was not going to function properly. For those who are not familiar with Boston, it is a large city with a lot of history. It’s not as cut and dry to drive anywhere as it might seem. I’ve been to cities where any person on the street could easily give a stranger directions. No GPS required. They could say, “Take the 25 North to the 470 East, and you will see signs to the airport.” Boom. Yet the route to Boston’s airport is not so easily negotiated. Let’s suffice to say, I was freaking out. I didn’t have time to waste driving around. I had a plane to catch!

Life, at its Worst, is like Driving in a Big City with No GPS.

With no GPS, you might wander around for days: lost and directionless. I realized in the moment, I am blessed to work for a company with vision. MiTek has a fully functioning GPS – a vision for our company to be OneMiTek. This vision is for all MiTek’s smaller, individual companies to transition into one, unified entity. This vision for MiTek starts at the top, and it inspires every employee in the organization.


The Intersection of Vision and Knowhow is Where the Magic Happens.

Vision is often not enough for an individual or a company to be successful. Knowhow is just as important. In fact, the intersection of vision and knowhow is really where the magic happens. For example, a person could have vision, but if lacking knowhow, then it’s likely he is living in his Grandma’s basement. Why? Because he just doesn’t know how to bridge the gap. He doesn’t know how to move forward – taking each step necessary to achieve his vision’s end goal. Knowhow is the fuel that makes the car drive forward, step by step, so you actually get where you want to go. MiTek conceptualized the vision, then assembled a team with knowhow to make it become a reality. We are charging full steam ahead.

What Does the Future Hold?  

As Wrightsoft’s new Content Marketing Specialist, I have been tasked with updating Wrightsoft’s marketing program. I work out of MiTek’s Corporate Office in St. Louis, MO, which means I will be visiting Wrightsoft on a regular basis. For those who were not aware of the transition, MiTek acquired Wrightsoft 2 years ago, but did not really have a hand in their operations till January, 2019.

Bill Wright, Wrightsoft’s leader for the last 35+ years, will be assuming an exciting new role with MiTek. His vision and knowhow will be focused in a slightly different direction. We are excited to see what the ingenuity that helped bring Right-Suite Universal, Right-Draw, Right-D, Right-Mobile Consultant, Right-CAD, etc. to fruition can do on a global scale.

Visioneering a Bright Future for MiTek-Wrightsoft

Wrightsoft will remain unchanged for the time being. I’m sure you will notice small differences here and there. A website update is on the horizon. You will start to see more social media posts and the like. Improvements to the software are in conceptual stages.

Why is the future bright? The future is bright because the minds who brought you game changing Manual-J software for the HVAC industry will still be leading the way. They will continue to mentor Wrightsoft’s dedicated employees. The only difference is their ideas will be supplemented with ideas from the brilliant minds at MiTek. Bright + Bright = Intensely Bright.


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