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November 26, 2007: RSU Ships!

Wrightsoft Ships Right-Suite Universal

New Right-Suite Universal Enables Contractors to Complete Residential and Commercial Loads, Designs and Proposals in One Program

LEXINGTON, MA, November 1, 2007—Wrightsoft Corporation is pleased to announce the new Right-Suite™ Universal HVAC design and sales software is now shipping. Right-Suite Universal, the latest software innovation from Wrightsoft, combines residential and commercial design capabilities in one product for the first time, giving customers the power to use a single program for all of their design and sales projects. By combining ACCA, ASHRAE, and HRAI technologies with automated bill of materials, proposals, and compliance tools into a single design and estimating product, designers can now apply the most appropriate load, duct, radiant and geothermal design methods in real-time, with greater efficiency and cost savings depending on project requirements.

“Right-Suite Universal represents the culmination of 20 years of research, development and technological innovation. By creating a program that allows users to manage residential and commercial projects at the same time, and quickly and easily switch between calculation methods, we are enabling a level of efficiency that will save our customers enormous amounts time and money,” said Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Wrightsoft.

Right-Suite Universal integrates the functionalities of Wrightsoft’s industry-leading software products to allow users to quickly switch calculation methods depending upon project requirements, instead of opening and operating separate programs for each project. For instance, commercial load calculation methods that are beneficial for high-end housing will now be available for use on residential projects, which will also have access to commercial duct calculations that allow more accurate results for complicated duct designs. At the same time, commercial projects will now benefit from the additional functionalities of Wrightsoft modules, Right‐Radiant™, Right‐Proposal™, Right‐Loop™, Right‐Sales® and Right‐$™, which allow for a range of design and sales capabilities previously only available in residential design software.

Over 50 new features and capabilities were added to Right-Suite Universal to enhance the already unique drawing and design functions such as zoning, duct design, and bill of materials generation. RSU also uses and introduces to the industry new technologies including Wrightsoft’s Layered Materials Technology™ (LMT), which will allow designers to make their own custom material values by layering standard material values, therefore enabling easy translation into any of the load and duct calculation methods instantaneously. The custom materials can be stored in templates and libraries, reducing set up and calculation time. Right-Catalog® has also been improved to allow for automatic and regular updates of ARI/GAMA and manufacturer data.

Right-Suite Universal has been highly regarded by industry groups and contractors, earning recognition most recently with the HVAC Comfortech 2007 Product Showcase Award. This is the third award for Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal including the 2007 Dealer Design Silver Award, and the AHR 2007 Software Innovation Award. As stated by one of the judges, “this is an excellent product, having more features than probably anything else on the market.” Another judge also commented that RSU “is a great package and will help the contractor who wants to help themselves.”

“The continued recognition from the industry validates our efforts,” concluded Edgren. “Not only does this confirm that Right-Suite Universal is a true industry breakthrough that will significantly change the face of HVAC software, but it also provides us with a platform to launch other industry-changing products.”

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