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January 4, 2007: Launch of New Training Series

Wrightsoft Launches New Training Series

Right-Sales™ Workshop Strengthens Sales Process for HVAC Contractors

LEXINGTON, MA, January 4, 2007–Wrightsoft successfully launched a new series of interactive software trainings with its first sales workshop in early December, 2006 in Waltham, MA. Attended by 21 people representing 12 brands and 16 companies around the country, the workshop focused on the use of Right-Sales in the home and the customization of the product to meet the customer’s individual business needs. Unlike any other HVAC software, Right-Sales enables companies to quickly and easily develop a professional presentation and proposal to match their exact business requirements while simultaneously linking to other Wrightsoft modules for Manual J load calculations, duct design, operating cost analysis, and more. The program involves the customer with an interactive and unique needs-based assessment, incorporating the customer’s answers into a complete Bill of Material and a ready-to-sign proposal.

“Right-Sales is really great, I love it and plan on using it for all of my jobs, stated Buck Bell,” Fulkerson Services, Inc. “This year my goal, with the help of this product, is to improve my closing ratio and increase my overall bottom line by 10-20%. Right-Sales helps me to work smarter and gives me more confidence for the entire sales call. From easily constructing a block load to producing a proposal, I’m able to actively involve the customer, who remains my main focus and why I’m there.”

    • Incorporate their company story and customer testimonials as presentations within the program.
    • Use their current sales proposal as a Right-Proposal Plus document, and create other alternative proposals for different types of sales.
    • Generate complete bills of materials with their part numbers and pricing.
    • Take advantage of the built-in, needs-based questionnaire to involve the customer during a sale to design a system based on their comfort needs.
    • Use the Sales Manager to organize their sales team, establish sales goals, and track performance.
    • Import their own database of parts and equipment to use them in the design, estimate, and proposal.

Different from the typical one-day and two-day training class, this new series of workshops will focus on specific aspects of the program and work with customers individually to ensure their success. “We are really pleased with the results of the recent workshop and feel these workshops are an excellent resource for our customer’s overall success,” stated Chris Edgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wrightsoft. In addition to the Right-Sales workshop recently held, an additional workshop to focus on Right-Proposal Plus and its capabilities is being planned for the near future. By breaking the program down to focus on specific areas, Wrightsoft is able to ensure that the workshop attendees build the skills they need to maximize the potential of the program and ultimately, maximize their success.

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