User FAQ

How do I manage my Profile Information?
To manage your account information, you will first need to login by selecting “Login” from the top, center of the screen. After you have logged in, click on your name at the top, center of the screen. You will see the Manage Profile information appear. Here you can change your contact information and other profile properties.

How do I change my password?
To change your password, you will need to login and go to the Manage Profile screen (see above). There you can select “Manage Password”. Enter your current password, and then enter the password you want to change it to, and again to confirm it. When you have finished, click “Change Password”. Your password has been changed and you will need to use the new password to login to the site from now on.

I can't find the answer to my question?
Wrightsoft's Right-University Team is constantly adding new video material in response to requests.  We're just starting, so bear with us! If you are a registered user and have a specific question or comment, you can
Request a Video. (You must be logged in to use this feature.)

Also, try searching using the search bar at the top of the page or calling our Technical Support Team at 1-800-225-8697. Wrightsoft's Technical Support is FREE to all users.

The video tutorial shows features or buttons that I don't have.
These videos cover topics addressing all of the Right-Suite modules.  Not all users have purchased every module covered in these videos. If you are interested in learning exactly what you have, or are interested in purchasing additional modules, contact our Wrightsoft Sales Team at 1-800-225-8697.

The videos don't cover commercial topics.
Right-Suite Commercial topics will be added in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned! In the mean time, take advantage of our Technical Support at 1-800-225-8697 and other online resources.

I don't see any videos.

If the video categories and pages appear, but the videos do not appear (you may be able to hear sound), then you will need to update your Flash player by visiting the Adobe Download Site.