Right-Suite Tools

Right-Suite Tools

righttoolssmall.bmpRight-Suite® Tools consists of two modules: Right-ToolsTM and Right-PsychrometricsTM designed to provide you with the HVAC tools that you need for efficient and accurate calculation and examination of HVAC systems and processes.


Right-ToolsTM is a collection of calculators that are simple, and incredibly accurate. Save time by having the tools and charts that you need, right at your finger tips. You can even print out one-page reports with room for cost, contractor information, job number, data, and notes so you can keep accurate, reliable records. These calculators include:

  • Loan Calculator
  • Water Pipe Calculator
  • Gas Pipe Calculator
  • Wire Calculator
  • Heat/Power Calculator
  • Units Conversion
  • Geometry Formulas
  • Fuel Energy Valves
  • Ohm's Law Calculator
  • Fan Law Calculator
  • and more!


Right-PsychrometricsTM uses Psychrometric charts to provide in-depth analysis of particular processes for different types of heating and cooling systems. With such an analysis, you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of each system. With Right-Psychrometrics and the graphic interface, answering your HVAC questions for different processes is now faster and easier.

Psychrometric calculations can be done by simply dragging process on to the chart and connecting them. You can save different calculations in your catalog so that they can be easily accessed and recalculated at a later date. If you’ve ever done a psychometric analysis, imagine the time you could save with automatic computation, and saveable calculations.