Dealer Import

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  1. From the top menu bar, select COD Online Price Tool and enter your Username and Password provided by Goodman
  2. Select Price Books from the list, then select Price Books - Standard
  3. Choose your division and region from the dropdown lists and enter your account number OR customer name. Once completed, select Search.
  4. Scroll though the list to find the correct account, then select Excel, and keep this window open.
  5. When given the option to Open, Save or Cancel, choose to Open the file.
  6. If the file is in Protected View, select Enable Editing.
  7. Go back to the window from step 5, re-select the Excel file, and choose to Save > Save As > Excel Workbook. *You must save as Excel Workbook for Wrightsoft® formatting.
  8. Open a new web browser window and visit
  9. Enter the following: Username - goodman Password - goo9923 and select Log In
  10. Enter valid email address, associated with RMC license and select “Browse” to select the file you have just saved in step 8 and then choose “Import” to import the file. This will populate the defaults within Right-Price™ associated with dealer email.