Integrated Pricing Solution

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Integrated Pricing Solution

Use the online pricing tool to simply create, control and manage your residential replacement costs, pricing and profits. 


Save time with our safe, secure system that instantly updates your salespeople in the field without having to copy and/or transfer information and can be set up to work for dealers who sell multiple brands. With this integrated pricing solution, only the equipment for which you enter pricing will be displayed, meaning you are only showing equipment that you sell.

Set up your proposal templates to display your logo and legalese as well as define your unique questions for the "comfort concerns" homeowner questionnaire.

Key Features—

  • Define and manage your residential replacement cost, pricing and profits 
  • Fast and easy to set up (How-to video HERE.)
  • Define company information: Gross profit, warranty, state sales tax, financing, price format, labor cost
  • Select equipment types 
  • Upload equipment and accessory cost via excel spreadsheet (How-to video HERE.)
  • Connects pricing with AHRI equipment ratings - updated weekly
  • Connect users with our secure administrator function
  • Changes to pricing are instantly pushed out to all users
  • Automatically, instantly connects pricing to Right-Mobile Consultant
  • Multi-brand capabilitiesDefine questions for customer questionnaire
  • Customize proposal with your logo and wording