Perfect Pitch powered by MiTek Wrightsoft®, is an easy-to-use, customized in-home selling solution that streamlines your sales process using proven techniques designed to increase dealer sales. From the instant Manual J block load through the tailored proposal generated on the spot, your sales pitch has never been easier or more effective.

Use Perfect Pitch powered by MiTek Wrightsoft® to:

  • Build the perfect proposal in the home with the customer
  • Perform fast ACCA approved Manual J Block Loads
  • Easily up-sell accessories based on homeowner needs assessment
  • Show professional presentations with a Dealer Pitchbook
  • Quickly select systems with AHRI Rated equipment and show operating cost (ROI)
  • Offer customer financing options and digitally signed proposals
  • Manage and control cost and pricing
  • Many more capabilities!

Learn how to set up your Perfect Pitch template HERE.

Key Capabilities

Manual J Block Load Calculations

The Perfect Proposal

Customize a PitchBook

Operating Costs & ROI Analysis

Integrated Pricing Solution

Dealer Pricing from Distributors