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ComfortQuote Pro Sales incorporates the following modules:

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SaaS License: $315*
Permanent License: $1,748**

*per user, per year
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If you want to include duct sizing using our Right-D package, then check out ComfortQuote™ Pro Plus. It has all the features of ComfortQuote Pro Sales, but also includes the Right-D module for accurate duct design.

It’s like having a professional sales employee with you on every call.

ComfortQuote™ Pro Sales powered by Wrightsoft is the latest in a comprehensive, easy-to-use proposal software tool. Not only will you be able to prepare a professional presentation for every consumer, you will be able to perform the most accurate system performance calculations with its certified Manual J calculations.

Consumers do not have to buy HVAC systems that often, and most often they look to the contractor for expert advice. Research shows that customer satisfaction, and contractor sales profits increase when the contractor provides a professional proposal that also includes options based on the consumers needs.

Identify customer concerns: With the Customer Questionnaire, a contract can easily identify the consumer needs through a series of simple questions. After selecting the answers, ComfortQuote Pro will suggest products that meet those needs.

Easy Manual Js: Because ComfortQuote Pro Sales includes Right-J and Right Draw, a contractor can simply produce a certified Manual-J load calculation to identify the correct size for a perfect comfort fit to the home. With the Right-Draw feature, there is no needing to hand enter every room measurement into the database. Just draw the room sizes and watch Right-Draw fill in accurate information automatically.

Efficiency cost comparisons: Now more than ever, energy efficiency is top-of-mind with consumers. That’s why the Right-$ feature is the perfect companion to close a sale. Like the original ComfortQuote product, you can compare system efficiencies and savings on various proposed systems. The difference in the new ComfortQuote powered by Wrightsoft is that the user can select from a library of thousands of equipment models, and utilize numerous configurations to compare energy use, annual operating costs and payback. If you have a hard time selling higher-efficiency equipment, this solution makes it easy because you are presenting the facts!

Additional functionality with add-on modules

The following add-on modules are also available for use with ComfortQuote Pro™ Solutions. Please contact Wrightsoft at 1-800-225-8697 option 3 for more information or to add them to your software package.

Sales Options:

  • Right-Contact™ – Customer Relationship Management solution. Manage all your prospects, customers and business partners’ information at the touch of your finger.

Canada Options:

  • Right-F280™ (HRAI) – Canada’s HRAI load calculation module
  • Right-Duct® (HRAI) – HRAI duct calculation and sizing solution

Light Commercial Option:

  • Right-N® – Certified ACCA Manual N 5th edition load calculations

Commercial Options:

  • Right-CommLoad® – ASHRAE RTS/CLTD load calculation software for any commercial project
  • Right-CommDuct™- ASHRAE Commercial duct calculations
  • Right-Comm2Line Duct™ – CAD-quality two-line commercial duct layouts

Other residential system solutions:

  • Right-Energy™ - perform a detailed energy analysis on an entire building, including use and fuel costs for HVAC equipment, water heating, appliances and lighting.
  • Right-D – residential duct design (ComfortQuote Pro Plus includes this module)
  • Right- HV™ – High-velocity, mini duct designs
  • Right-Radiant® – Radiant design with automatic CAD-quality loop layouts and calculations
  • Right-Loop™ – Geothermal design worksheets for accurate calculations
  • Right-Solar DHW™ - Geothermal design worksheets for accurate calculations.

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