About Us


Wrightsoft has come a long way since our founding 25 years ago as a pioneer of HVAC design and sales software. Our flagship product, Right-J® broke new ground in calculating residential loads by altering how load calculations were to be calculated by shortening the design time. Today Right-J is synonymous with Load software and is a fixture at HVAC companies around the world. We have 22 HVAC Design and Sales solutions. Today we stand as the world leader in residential and commercial HVAC design and sales software solutions yet our mission has not changed.

Our Mission

To Increase the business success of HVAC contractors, wholesalers distributors and manufacturers through computer automation of

  • System Design
  • Sales
  • Ordering
  • Commissioning

A History of Innovation

In 1986, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) released their Manual J residential load calculation method in the traditional paper booklet format. In that same year, they also tried something different, an entirely new approach to calculating residential loads–a computer software version of the Manual J method, called Right-J®.

Right-J broke new ground in calculating residential loads by dramatically shortening the design time, and soon became the industry standard. ACCA's partner in this venture was Wrightsoft Corporation (formerly Wright Associates), the developers of the Right-J program. The partnership between these organizations has continued to grow, and has resulted in a complete family of HVAC system design software.

(1986) Right-J in DOS format

The partnership between ACCA and Wrightsoft began in 1985, when ACCA selected Bill Wright to develop computer versions of their manual methods. In the mid-80's, electrical engineer Bill Wright was an energy conservation consultant to major corporations and was also conducting a graduate HVAC seminar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Meeting with HVAC contractors regularly, Bill realized the need for software that could easily be integrated into the daily operations of HVAC designers. With ACCA in mind, Bill designed his residential load program, Right-J, to exactly replicate the industry standard, Manual J. In 1986, Right-J was only available in DOS format as shown above. Since then, the software has become a user-friendly Windows program.

After the success of Right-J, Wrightsoft expanded its production to include a complete line of ACCA-approved software. Right-Suite® Residential and Right-Suite® Commercial were full suites of customizable combinations of modules tailored to the residential or commercial markets. Right-Suite Residential modules included Right-D® for duct design, Right-HV™ Duct for high-velocity duct layouts, Right-2Line™ Duct for CAD-quality ducts, Right-Radiant™ for detailed radiant heating designs, and Right-Loop™ for geothermal loop designs, among others. Right-Draw® integrates all of these modules onto a single, graphical data entry tool that helps the contractor view their loads, and designs. The most recent introduction to the modules, Right-Sales®, provides contractors with all of the tools they need to provide professional, in-home sales.

Wrightsoft has recently announced Right-Suite® Universal, the ONLY program in the HVAC industry that combines both residential and commercial load calculation and design methods into a single program. This program leverages Wrightsoft's existing technologies to provide a single solution for HVAC contractors. Wrightsoft's staff has grown to include many experts in the HVAC industry, who have expanded the company's product line, while remaining focused on their customer's needs.

In a recent independent study, 98 percent of Wrightsoft's customers would recommend the software to a friend.

Wrightsoft, based in Lexington, MA, prides itself on continuous investment in research and development, so that its customers will have the most technically advanced and easy to use software on the market. Wrightsoft has shipped over 10,000 copies of its programs, and has a customer base that stretches throughout the U.S., and into Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East. The continued success of Wrightsoft in annual design and innovation awards illustrates their commitment to the HVAC industry and the contractors that help it thrive.