Right-Suite® Universal: Screenshots

Right-J® Worksheet with Manual J load calculations.
This is populated automatically when combined with Right-Draw® module.
Right-CommLoad® Worksheet
A computerized version of the ASHRAE CLTD and RTS methods. Use the libraries to select your building materials and rapidly calculate your load!
Right-D® and Right-2Line™ Duct
Manual D duct sizing and calculation! With Right-D duct designs, the ducts are automatically sized based on the airflow and static pressure. Add Right-2Line™ for professional, more accurate looking duct designs.
Right-Consultant™: System Builder
Part of Right-Consultant™, System Builder is used to automatically generate proposals with good, better, best options for the customer
Drag-and-drop radiant panels to your rooms draw in Right-Draw® for instant, accurate radiant loop layouts drawn to your preferences.
Right-Loop™ is the easiest way to quickly design your geothermal system. Set your bin data and earth temperature cities, select your ground-source heat pump equipment and circulating pump, and set your equipment configuration and loop characteristics–and you're done.
Right-Solar™ DHW
Incorporates the solar option with other water heating equipment as a back up fuel source. When used with Right-$™, you can instantly produce operating cost comparisons.
Right-Proposal® gives you the ability to manage and generate proposals automatically, as well as take advantage of custom libraries. You can store building information, materials constructions, and even your parts and pricing in the libraries to generate accurate parts takeoff lists from your designs.