The Industry-Leading, ACCA-Certified Manual-J Load Calculation Program.


ACCA-Certified Manual J load calculation starts with Right-J®. Wrightsoft and ACCA have been partners since 1986. As the original ACCA Technical Partner, Wrightsoft’s 20 year relationship is longer than all other software partners combined. Right-J is currently in use by tens of thousands of contractors and HVAC designers, providing them with the industry leading load calculation tools.

See the difference for yourself! Combined with Right-Draw, you can save time and increase accuracy with your load calculations. Click here to see video.

Bottom Line.

Right-J IS a Manual J load calculation! Save time and increase your accuracy with the most reliable and easiest to use load calculation tool on the market.


The Right-J worksheet is a computerized version of the ACCA Manual J. Use the libraries to select your building materials and rapidly calculate your load!

New for Right-J in Right-Suite® Universal 2015

ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation Provides users with the minimum best practices for ventilation and acceptable indoor air quality for low rise residential buildings.

More Right-J Information

  • Calculates ACCA certified Manual J 7th and 8th edition load calculations, including addenda A,B,C and D.
  • Worksheets are easy to learn and easy to use!
  • Work with blazing speed as the worksheets instantly recalculate onscreen with any changes.
  • All Manual J tables are included, including mobile homes with improved sizing loads for:
    • Single-family detached homes
    • Small multi-unit structures, condominiums, and townhouses
    • Manufactured homes
  • Links with ARI/GAMA electronic equipment directory built into the program.
  • Loads can be broken down by whole house or room-by-room with BTUs and CFMs and viewed as pie charts with the Load Meter.
  • Multi-zone capability with single central VAV or multi-equipment, including the calculation of peak loads.
  • Simple, detailed, and blower door infiltration calculations.
  • Handles hydronics including high and low density baseboards.
  • Fast links to ResCheck, Rem/Rate and Florida Engage for easy code compliance.
  • Both ACCA and sales-oriented reports and printouts for submissions, detailed analysis, and more.
  • Expert assistant reviews your data for accuracy and compliance
  • Thousands of material types for walls, windows, doors, roof types, window shading and more including custom surface library for unusual materials.
  • Overall calculation improvements including:
    • Improved duct loss and gain models
    • Heat loss and gain for log walls, structural foam panels, aerated concrete block, insulated form concrete panels, brick walls, concrete walls, wood foundation walls, below grade walls, and many other types of walls and insulation
    • Heat gain sensitivity to roofing material, roof color and the use of radiant barriers
    • Cooling loads for glass rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
    • Improved methods for estimating the effect of internal and external shading devices, including insect screens
    • Sensitivity to skylight glazing material, curb construction and light shaft construction
    • Sensitivity to latitude and altitude
  • Hotlink to other Right-Suite modules to maximize productivity!