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Only pay for what you need.
Our software is modular, which means you only purchase the features you need, and not the ones you don't. As your business expands, you can add on additional modules with the features you need, and they integrate seamlessly into your existing program.

Right-Suite® Universal: How it Works.

Wrightsoft has been the leading innovator in the HVAC software industry since the beginning. For over 25 years, we have continued to develop the latest technologies that set our Right-Suite software apart from the others. Learn more about each of these technologies:

Hotlink technology automatically updates any changes

Hotlink Technology™
What it means to you: real-time and automatic results.

Wrightsoft Hotlink Technology™ is one of the things that makes our HVAC software unique. It connects all areas of our program together, meaning when you make a change in one area it will instantly update all the other areas of the program. What you get is instant updates and real-time results—with no mental gymnastics and no reentering data.

HVAC Shapes Toolbox

HVAC Shapes™
What it means to you: Quick, easy load calculations by simply dragging and dropping.

Wrightsoft smart HVAC Shapes™ make Right-Draw® the easiest load calculation and design tool in the HVAC software industry. Simply drag-and-drop the HVAC Shapes into the drawing area and it will store your materials properties, dimensions and the relationship to other objects. Draw your load in minutes with these smart HVAC Shapes!

Layered Materials Technology™
What it means to you: your values are set no matter what material you have or what calculation method you use

Wrightsoft's latest Layered Materials Technology™ allows you to build your materials component by component. Select your component materials to build more accurate materials that can be easily translated into any of the North Amercian load and duct calculation methods.


What it means to you: Have the latest equipment and manufacturer data with the click of a button.

Making sure you have the latest HVAC equipment and the latest HVAC manufacturer data in your Right-Suite® program is now easily done with the click of a button. Right-Catalog® takes advantage of Wrightsoft's relationship with ARI/GAMA for the latest equipment data and the many relationships with various manufacturers to provide this information and make it available for download. You can even set your program up to automatically check for updates so you don't have to do a thing.