How it Works



Using Right-Mobile Consultant for ICP

Accessing Right-Mobile Consultant™

Access Right-Mobile Consultant™ via a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Exlporer or Safari) on your laptop, desktop, or tablet device by typing in in the address bar.

You can also log in through the Right-Roadshow Application

Your log in will be the same used to log into the Wrightsoft website.
Customer Setup Screen

In the Customer Setup Screen, simply fill out customer details, including contact information, project location, and job number.

The information entered here will be automatically populated in the proposal.

Draw Building Footprint

Begin by entering an address into the search bar located on the upper left of the screen.

Autodraw Instant Loads: Using the side menu to the right, set the number of floors to include in the calculation and hit the "Autodraw from ReDb" button to calculate an instant load calculation. The Sq. Ft of the house will be evenly distributed among floors.

Manual Drawing: Using the map as a guide, simply tap the corners around the image to set your building footprint dimensions. If desired, the map feature can be turned off and a grid will appear.
Select Building Details

The "Details" Button located on the top center of the screen is where you can edit / select your Construction Materials and System Preferences that are used to calculate the load.

Edit wall, ceiling and floor R-values, materials, infiltration, and glass area percentage and more.  

Any changes will instantly apply and adjust the current load.

For frequent combinations, clear the load and save changes made as a Template for future use.

View Load Results

You can view your heating and cooling loads with a pie chart breakdown generated by the source of each load.

Calculate Utility Cost

View and compare the estimated Utility Costs for each system you select and see what the estimated Annual Savings would be.

If you only want one system (Good, Better, or Best) to appear on the proposal, click the radial button next to the system of your choice. You will be given the option which proposal-type to print on the Proposal screen.
See the Payback Period (ROI)

This screen tells you how long it will take for the the system to pay for itself with regards to the energy cost savings and local rebates (with rebates add-on)

Generate a Professional Proposal!

This professional proposal is generated automatically based on the information entered and can be emailed directly to the customer or whomever else may need it. Use the dropdown on the top right to select if you would like to include one system or a selection of systems on the proposal.