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Right-Mobile Consultant™: Which Version is Right for You?

RMC Basic—$240 with Right-Price™$300 with Rebates—$300 RMC Complete—$360

The basic package of Right-Mobile Consultant™ includes:

  • ACCA-approved Manual J Load Calculations
  • Simple equipment selections
  • Automatically-generated proposals
  • Equipment marketing data sheets
  • Operating costs and ROI analysis
  • Easy presentations with Right-Roadshow™ app
  • Accessory selection wizard
  • Homeowner comfort concerns questionnaire

Add this option to streamline your sales process and maintain complete control over your pricing. In addition to all the features in the basic version, you will get the following with Right-Price™

  • Save time by managing all your pricing in one place and deploying automatically to all salespeople in the field
  • Customize your proposal templates with your own logo and verbiage
  • Multi-brand capabilities

Automatically identify rebates and incentives and include them in the proposal.

  • Identifies all local, federal, utility, manufacturer, etc. rebates and tax incentives
  • Automatically links to GreenOhm's database

Including Right-Price and Rebates,
this is the ultimate Right-Mobile Consultant™ package!