Build The Perfect Proposal

Automatically generate a tailored proposal with your logo and wording to meet the homeowners’ exact need based on your selections. Choose from four proposal template options

Use our customer questionnaire to identify and establish needs, and then meet those needs with the proper accessories that automatically become part of your finished proposal. 

When integrated with the residential pricing system option, only the equipment and accessories that you sell will be displayed with your pricing. 

Quickly show the homeowner key features with marketing data sheets and make changes on the fly. Comparisons for up to 4 systems can be included, featuring a detailed costs and ROI comparison that accounts for all equipment, installation, and utility costs as well as applicable rebates.

Key Features—

  • Four proposal format options
  • Add your own logo and legalese to the proposal template (figure 3)
  • Detailed equipment data sheets
  • Homeowner Comfort Questionnaire (figure 1)
  • Advanced technical data and filter details (figure 4)
  • E-mail proposal and reports directly from program to homeowner or whoever may need it
  • Right-Price™ online retail pricing system (optional add-on)

 Generate a Professional Proposal in the Home.

Contractors who provide a professional written proposal average $507 more* than typical replacement bids accepted.

* According to Decision Analyst American Home Comfort study.

Figure 1. Customer Comfort Questionnaire
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Figure 2.  Accessories screen
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Figure 3. Customize proposals with your own logo,
verbiage and legalese. [click for enlarged view]

Figure 4. Advanced Filter Details
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The Fastest and Easiest Proposal Tool Available

Generate Automatic Proposals On The Spot

Building the Perfect Proposal with *Right-Price

(*Available for separate purchase)

This web-based tool allows businesses to have greater control over their sales while saving dealers in the field a significant amount of time on each job. An online administrator can input and manage pricing information for the equipment and accessories they sell, and that information is automatically pushed out to all the users (dealers) in the field. This simplifies the sales process for the dealer in the field by eliminating the need to manually enter pricing and rebates for each system. Learn more...

1. Select Equipment

After completing the Manual J block (whole house) load calculation, simply choose equipment and accessories by selecting a model number listed in the drop-down menus. View and compare the estimated Utility Costs for each system you select and see the estimated annual savings you can expect. 

If you only want one system to appear on the proposal, click the radial button next to the system of your choice (good, better, best,). You can select which proposal option to print on the Proposal screen.

2. Select Accessories

Use our customer questionnaire to identify and establish needs, then meet those needs with the proper accessories from our simple, customizable drop down menus. Those accessories (and install items) now become part of your finished proposal.

3. Equipment Data Sheets

Pull up equipment marketing data sheets with detailed manufacturer information to educate the homeowner on the specifics of the equipment you sell.

4. Calculate Payback Period (ROI):

View and Compare up to 4 systems. 

This screen factors in all costs and applicable incentives to provide a complete analysis for how long it will take for the system to "pay for itself". 

It accounts for the energy cost savings compared to your old system, as well as manufacturer bonuses and federal, state, and local rebates. With Right-Price™, the selling price is populated automatically.

5. Generate a Professional Proposal:

Your proposal, automatically.

This professional proposal is generated automatically based on the information entered and can be emailed directly to the customer or whomever else may need it. Use the dropdown on the top right to select which proposal format you wish to use:

  • Good - Better - Best
  • Good - Better - Best + accessories
  • Single System
  • Single System + accessories