Op Cost/ROI



Operating Costs & ROI Analysis

Get fast accurate annual operating cost and energy analysis to give you a competitive advantage by giving the homeowner a "big picture" cost analysis while in the home. 

The load calculation parameters will be automatically pulled in from the footprint screen or can be entered manually on the Utility Cost screen. Compare up to 4 systems and utilize the new advanced filters screen to narrow-down their equipment and accessory options  to recommend and give your customer the experience of shopping rather than "being sold." 

Use this easy-to-use ROI tool to calculate payback analysis that compares annual utility savings, cost of repair as well local incentives and tax credits. Use our built-in equipment datasheets to help demonstrate comfort and value. Factoring in local utility rates, local incentives, tax credits, equipment cost and energy efficiency, dealers can get a side by side analysis for up to 4 systems(figures 1 and 2). For dealers who utilize Right-Price™, these costs and rates can be populated automatically (figure 3).

All this information automatically populates a proposal—dealers have the option of choosing from four proposal templates for the homeowner (single system or Best / Better / Good formats with option to include accessories on each).

Key Features—

  • Complete "big picture" analysis factors in all costs, rebates, and energy savings
  • Side-by-side comparisons for up to 4 systems, giving Good, Better, Best options
  • Comments can be entered and automatically added to the proposal
  • For dealers who utilize Right-Price™, the costs and rebates for each system will be automatically populated.

Figure 1.
Utility Cost comparison
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Figure 2.
Return on Investment / Costs Breakdown
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Figure 3.
Pricing entered in Right-Price™ is instantly 
pushed out to users in the field and populated
automatically in Right-Mobile Consultant™
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Stop Selling On Price

Show That Lowest Price Is Not Always The Least Expensive

Calculating the Utility Cost

1. If you've generated a load calculation, the Calculation Parameters will automatically be populated. If you haven't, you will have to manually enter the load data in the menu on the left side.

2. In the first column, select the system the homeowner currently owns from the drop down menus.

3. Select up to 3 equipment options for the homeowner to choose from in the Best, Better, and Good colums.

4. Annual Savings comparisons are displayed in the bottom row.
Utility Cost Comparison

Payback Period

1. Once you have selected equipment from the Utility Cost screen, the information will be automatically transferred to this screen.

2. For each system displayed, *enter in installation costs, rebates available, and cost to repair (*with Right-Price™, this info is populated automatically).

3. After this information if entered, the Payback Period and ROI will be automatically displayed at the bottom. If the dealer prefers, they have the option to hide this field.

4. Comments to be included on the proposal can be added to this screen.
Payback / ROI Analysis