Manual J



Let's Face It, Today's Consumers Need Fast, Accurate Answers

Instant Load Calculation

In just seconds, Right-Mobile Consultant will generate an instant ACCA approved Manual J8 block (whole house) load with 8 accompanying reports. 

Pulling information from a real estate database and using the construction materials library to calculate heating and cooling loads, the program eliminates the long process of measuring, entering data and the math required for Manual J. If the assumed load needs to be modified, the Manual J based drop down menus make it easier than ever to edit any detail of the load quickly. 

 Manual J Load Calculations Pay Off
Homeowners spend an average $934 more* with contractors who performed a Manual J load calculation in the home and marketed this expertise.

* According to Decision Analyst American Home Comfort study.


          [Image showing an Audodraw load over Google aerial map]

Key Features—
  • Instant approved Manual J8 whole house loads 
  • Google Map aerial view right on the draw screen
  • ACCA and sales-oriented reports and printouts for submissions, detailed analysis, and more
  • Eight standard reports including:  
Building analysis, project summary, load worksheets, component constructions, AED assessment, drawings and proposals
  • Store and retrieve your project on a secure cloud server to enable sharing
  • Web Based: access files from desktop, laptop and tablet devices
  • Easily edit the dimension points, orientation, construction materials and more 
  • Open and edit your Right-Mobile Consultant files in Right-Suite® Universal

Load Calculations In Four Easy Steps.

Customer Setup Screen

In the Customer Setup Screen, simply fill out customer details, including contact information, project location, and job number.

On this screen you can also select which reports you would like to include in the final printout/email. Here you will also find the "Customer Comfort Information" checklist. This will help choose which accessories to recommend. 

Building Footprint

Begin by entering an address manually or tap the "go to my location" icon to pull the Google Map aerial view of the house. 

Autodraw Instant Loads: Using the side menu to the right, set the number of floors to include in the calculation and hit the "Autodraw from ReDb" button to calculate an instant load calculation. 

Manual Drawing: Using the map as a guide, simply tap the outline of the house to set your building footprint dimensions. If desired, the map feature can be turned off and a white grid will appear. 

Select Building Details

Simply edit construction materials on the "Building Details" screen. Using simple drop down menu's, select your wall, ceiling and floor R-values, materials, infiltration, and glass area percentage. 

Right-Mobile Consultant™ submits this information via the Internet to Wrightsoft web servers. Our servers instantly compute the load and send the results back to your tablet or laptop.

View Results!

View your results! You can view your heating and cooling loads with a pie chart breakdown generated by the source of each load.

The information stored on our servers can be imported into Right-Suite® Universal to create more complex room-by-room designs.