How it Works



Load Calculations In Four Easy Steps

Customer Setup Screen
1: In the Customer Setup Screen, simply fill out customer details, including contact information, project location, and job number.
Draw Building Footprint
2: With just a few taps of your screen, draw out your building footprint dimensions to generate a block load.
Select Building Details

Select your wall, ceiling and floor R-values, materials, infiltration, and glass area percentage. Right-J™ Mobile submits this information via the Internet to Wrightsoft web servers. Our servers instantly compute the load and send the results back to your handheld device.

View Results!

View your results! You can view your heating and cooling loads with a pie chart breakdown generated by the source of each load.

The information stored on our servers can be imported into Right-Suite Universal to create more complex room-by-room designs.

>>  For a detailed video overview on using Right-J® Mobile, click here