Right-Duct™ (HRAI)

HRAI Duct Calculation and Sizing Made Easy


Wrightsoft and HRAI are pleased to introduce Right-Duct™ for HRAI’s new high-speed duct calculation and sizing method. Right-Duct requires room-by-room loads, the friction loss rate for the longest run in the system, and very little else. When combined with Right-F280™ and Right-Draw™, your ducts are automatically sized and layout is drawn as the load is entered. Right-Duct requires at least one load calculation module in order to operate (Right-J®, Right-CommLoad™, Right-N® or Right-F280™.)

Bottom Line.

Developed with HRAI with fully automatic features for branch splitting, trunk reductions, velocity limiting, and standard duct sizes, Right-Duct is the fastest and most accurate way to produces a duct system design.

Wrightsoft gives me more than just a number, it tells me what size
–Bill Buffington,
WA Buffington Co.

With Right-Duct, the ducts are automatically sized based on the airflow and static pressure.

Right-F280 HRAI Load Worksheet
The Right-F280 worksheet is a computerized version of HRAI's F280 load method.
Use the libraries to select your building materials and rapidly calculate your load!

Easy Duct Design
Set your preferences, draw your floorplan, and your duct design is practically done for you!

More Right-Duct Information

  • HRAI Approved.
  • Zoning is easy! Calculate with a single or multiple zones. Multizone with or without bypass and with or without diversity, including second floor allowance.
  • Choose your materials from sheet metal, duct board, corrugated metal and vinyl flex.
  • Automatic branch splitting, or manual branch-by-branch mode as well as automatic trunk reductions and resizing for high or low velocity.
  • Hotlink Technology automatically recalculates your load and design based on changes – at blazing speed!
  • Use built-in fitting for longest run or use fixed value for friction.
  • Drag and drop duct control for any branch or trunk when combined with Right-Draw!
  • Picture library of more than 400 duct fittings for CAD-quality designs and layouts.
  • Fast, easy-to-use residential duct design.
  • HRAI-Certified duct sizing calculations.
  • Calculates branch and trunk sizes, with automatic trunk reduction and branch splitting based on the load calculations computed from your drawn floor plan. You can even restrict it to the sizes you want!
  • Quickly handles multizone applications with and without diversity.
  • Automatic and instant recalculation of duct sizes and layouts with the change of any design parameters (such as the orientation of the building) with the Hotlink Technology.
  • Manually draw your duct system for easy custom duct layouts!
  • Right-Duct can automatically draw your layouts for plenum, multi-level, flex, and more.
  • The addition of the Right-2Line™ Duct module lets you produce professional, CAD-quality two-line drawings for impressive detail to your duct layouts and paperless interaction with CAD files!
  • Full reports available–just click print!
  • Seamlessly connects with other Right-Suite® Universal modules:
    • Right-Proposal for instant parts takeoff lists for your duct skeleton and fittings, libraries of preferences and materials, and your pricing information for accurate job estimates!
    • Right-HV™ Duct available for high-velocity systems.


Two-Line Ducts.bmp
CAD-quality duct layouts and designs.

Select Your Duct Sizes
Setup your duct schedule and the design will stay within those conditions!

Click for Report Sample!

Instant Parts-Takeoff Lists with Right-Proposal™

New Features in Right-Suite Universal 2015

Auto-Branch Run

  • The program connects branch to registers or grills after trunk line is drawn.

Riser Take Off

  • Ability to run a horizontal trunk or branch from mid- section of duct riser.

Auto-Input Flex Duct Define

  • A fixed length of flex duct to be installed at the end of every branch run to attenuate noise.

Auto-Place Registers

  • Automatic register placement using customized user rules.

New Register Types

  • Increase accuracy of registers with new register types like high wall, low wall, ceiling one way, ceiling two ways and more to choose from.

Auto-Size Registers

  • The program will auto-size all your registers to maintain your target register face.

Register Notation

  • Improve look and feel of drawing by controlling register notations displayed.

Smart-Checker for Branch-to-Trunk Connections

  • Warning displays when non-congruent sized branch-to-trunk.

Improved Wall Register Display