Simple, Drag-and-Drop Tool for Fast Load Calculations
and Designs!

Right-Draw is a revolutionary product that simplifies load calculations and system design from duct design to parts takeoff list. With Right-Draw, you can draw your certified Manual J, ASHRAE, or HRAI load and the rest will be done automatically. If you need to save time in load calculations or design, then Right-Draw is the tool for you.

Click here to see a demo of Right-Draw®!

Note: Right-Draw requires at least one load calculation module in order to operate (Right-J®, Right-CommLoad™, Right-N® or Right-F280™.)

Bottom Line. No more data entry, no more mental gymnastics, no more wasted time!

You don’t have to know or learn the complexities of CAD—simply draw a box, add some windows and doors, and adjust your settings to have a block load done in just minutes!

New in Right-Suite® Universal 2015

Read and Write to AutoCAD Version 2014 and Lower

Riser Take Off
  • Ability to run a horizontal trunk or branch from  mid- section of duct riser.

Auto-Branch Run 

  • The program connects branch to registers or grills after trunk line is drawn.

Auto-Place Registers
  • Automatic register placement using customized user rules.

Auto-Input Flex Duct Define

  • A fixed length of flex duct to be installed at the end of every branch run to attenuate noise. 

Auto-Size Registers
  • The program will auto-size all your registers to maintain your target register face.

 New Register Types
  • Increase accuracy of registers with new register types like high wall, low wall, ceiling one way, ceiling two ways and more to choose from.

Default Building Material Options
  • For partition walls and floors as well as vaulted ceilings.

Smarter Glass Door Shapes

  • More default sliding glass door materials, including half wing and half fixed door type, to save design time.

Optional Side Notations for Vaulted Ceiling Objects

Smart-Checker for Branch-to-Trunk Connections

  • Warning displays when non-congruent sized branch-to-trunk.

Improved Wall Register Display

Register Notation

  • Improve look and feel of drawing by controlling register notations displayed.

More Right-Draw Information

Load calculations have never been easier with Right-Draw! Data is automatically entered into the load spreadsheet for you by dragging and dropping the HVAC ShapesTM onto the Right-Draw screen. These smart objects store all of the property information, making it easy for you to complete your calculation and designs. In addition, thanks to our Hotlink Technologyany changes you make automatically update the worksheet, design, proposal—every module you own! Your load calculations are certified to be accurate, no matter what ACCA or ASHRAE method you are using.

  • Right-Draw is the easy to use, drag-and-drop data entry tool that enters data into the load worksheet automatically and completes accurate load calculations.
  • The fastest way to get detailed and block load calculations. Heating and cooling loads are calculated as you draw!
  • Zoning is Easy with Right-Draw

  • Draw a room and have 7 aspects of the load automatically entered in the load calculation worksheet. Every wall, ceiling, floor will be entered with infiltration, ventilation, duct loss and gain, and internal gains.
  • Ability to Open PDF— Insert, scale and resize multiple PDF files in same way as DWG and DXF files
  • Right-Draw automatically recognizes adjacent conditioned and unconditioned spaces (even above and below), there are no extra steps for interior or partition walls.
  • Add an unlimited amount of floors and rooms, including unlimited zone capabilities with easy drag and drop zoning and color-coding!
  • Import AutoCAD files into Right-Draw
  • Import AutoCAD files easily (as shown to the right) for calculations from pre-drawn plans. Even write back your notes and designs for paperless communication with builders!
  • With the Hotlink Technology, if an aspect of your design or loads changes, all the affected components automatically adjust to the new conditions including designs, sizing, and parts take-off lists!
  • Ability to make global changes to orientation and building properties make it easy to try different “What If?” situations
  • Right-Draw links all of the other Right-SuiteTM Universal modules making it easy to complete fast load calculations and designs including low and high-velocity duct designs and sizing and radiant floor designs. Instant parts takeoff lists, automatic proposal and in-home sales solutions are also available!