Professional In-Home Selling and Sales Management


A new sales tool that automates the entire sales process with the most complete sales presentation and proposal builder solution available today.

Right-Consultant™ requires at least one load calculation module in order to operate (Right-J®, Right-CommLoad™, Right-N® or Right-F280™)

Bottom Line.

New Simple System Builder—an interactive easy-to-use user interface designed for computer novice and experts.

  • Easily add accessories, kits, rebates and/or discounts to proposal
  • Identify customer needs with built in customer questionnaire
  • Compare up to 4 types of equipment
  • Fast, easy, accurate, custom proposal in minutes
  • Point and Click user interface – virtually no typing
  • Multi-brand capability

Superior in-home presentations with PowerPoint, videos and flash

Show Financing on every job

Improve account management with individual and team data synchronization

Simplified set up that is faster, easier, and more powerful

  • Show only equipment you sell
  • Equipment family selection
  • Easily add your part numbers and descriptions
  • Easy to assign kits, accessories, rebates and discounts
  • Simple mapping capabilities
  • Add your own images to any part

Existing Right-Sales® customers: call to find out how to get Right-Consultant™

New for Right-Consultant™ in Right-Suite® Universal 2012

Payback Analysis & Proposal Cost Variables

  • Including total price, tax, rabate, total cost, rebates on cost, rebates on price, total cost after and average margin for each investment option.
  • Ability to copy accessories selected from one investment option and apply to another.