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Training & Support by Wrightsoft

Wrightsoft’s commitment to the HVAC contractor does not stop at providing easy to use and innovative software! Wrightsoft provides an unprecedented level of services and support for its customers through:

  • Extensive technical support from a dedicated team. Click for details.
  • Professional Training Services
  • Right-University™ offerings including a variety of training options:


Dedicated Technical Support

Wrightsoft’s expert Technical Support Team is available 8:30am to 5:30pm EST to answer your questions about the Right-Suite® Universal program. They employ a variety of tools, including custom webinars to help you succeed. 

  • Review your project files and load calculations and provide input.
  • Walk you through problem areas, showing you on your screen!
  • Assistance with your customizations

Contact Tech Support

Phone: 800-225-8697 Email:
Option 1 for Licensing
Option 2 for Technical Support


Afterhours? Weekend?

View our Frequently Asked Questions to get answers to some of the most common problems encountered by technical support.

Training by Wrightsoft

Wrightsoft Right-University™ offers a wide range of training options for the Right-Suite® Universal HVAC software, including:

  • Training resources:
    • 2-Day in field classes
    • 10-Day online classes
    • On-Demand Training Video Tutorials