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Comfort Builder-J™ Mobile

The easiest Manual J load calculation solution ever made

3 Screens

Smart Contractors know that Manual J load calculations win business. Comfort Builder-J Mobile™ revolutionizes load calculations with an easy to use program that has users up and running in minutes.

What Makes Comfort Builder-J™
Mobile Different?

  • Cloud based Manual J mobile solution
  • Short learning curve—up and running in minutes
  • Three easy to use screens for input
  • Unique footprint screen automatically captures geometry and orientation with simple input by touch or mouse
  • Universal availability works on long list of smart phones tablet and computer browsers
  • Share load calculations with other users in your group
  • Save to secure Internet Cloud (storage)
  • Powered by Comfort Builder-J™ Mobile, Cloud engine handles all building shapes, orientations (8), indoor/outdoor sensing for up to 3 floors
  • Email pdf reports

How Does it Work?

Load Calculations In Four Easy Steps.

1: Customer Setup Screen 2: Draw Building Footprint
screen 1 screen 2
In the Customer Setup Screen, simply fill out customer details, including contact information, project location, and job number. With just a few taps of your screen, draw out your building footprint dimensions to generate a block load.
3: Select Building Details 4: View your Results!
screen 3 screen 4
Select your wall, ceiling and floor R-values,
materials, infiltration, and glass area percentage. Comfort Builder-J™ Mobile submits this information via the Internet to Wrightsoft web servers. Our servers instantly compute the load and send the results back to your handheld device.
You can view your heating and cooling loads with a pie chart breakdown generated by the source of each load.

I use the program at the customer’s home to quickly produce a block load and explain their heating and cooling options. Wrightsoft differentiates us from the competition and offers the customer proof that our recommendations are based on accurate calculations.

–Jonathan Murray,
Aeon Heating
Potsdam, NY