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 Introducing the fastest and easiest way to

 perform Manual J load calculations


  Fast, Instant Loads 
Easy To Learn
Simple To Use
ACCA Approved
No Downloads


Designed for today's contractor who needs a fast, easy-to-use program  for selling to the customer of today who expects speed, accuracy and professionalism





Let's face it, today's consumers need fast, accurate answers

We removed the complexity from in-home selling, saving you time and money on every call. With no software to install, contractors can perform an instant ACCA Approved Manual J load calculation with Google Maps remotely from any tablet, laptop or desktop with a web browser. 

Designed with an easy to learn user interface, even the most computer novice can use the program to its fullest potential and give the customers what they want: speed and accuracy.





Get Back To What Really Matters: Selling

Cut hours off your in-home appointments with instant load calculations in
just seconds and get back to the customer faster than ever.


One Program - One Visit : A Better Way To Sell

Carrier-Mobile Consultant streamlines your sales process from start to finish; 
from the fast, instant load through to the tailored proposal generated on the spot


ACCA Manual J8 Load Calculations
 Instant heating and cooling loads, 
100% ACCA approved

Build the Perfect Proposal
Automatic proposals generated with
your company logo

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Operating Costs and ROI
 Equipment comparison,utility
savings, tax credits and more

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Manage your
 cost, pricing and profits

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Integrated Rebate Identifier*
Automatically find local rebates 
and incentives

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* Available for additional cost