Comfort Builder Products Overview


At MiTek-Wrightsoft, we make tools to improve your business. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the Comfort Builder Product line to include three great solutions to improve your business.

To succeed today, you need a proven solution from a trusted partner. You need Comfort Builder. Designed specifically for today's HVAC professional, Comfort Builder delivers powerful and easy to use solutions that will improve your company. Whether you need a certified mobile J solution, an easy to use proposal builder with professional presentation or need a program that automates the entire design process including Manual J load and Manual D duct calculations with professional proposals and presentations, Comfort Builder has the options you need to improve your bottom line.

There are 3 solutions to choose from:

  • Comfort Builder™—The original Comfort Builder software solution that offers complete Sales automation and design tool in a single program. Perform certified Manual J, Manual D & Manual S calculations, generate professional presentations and proposals as well as perform detailed operating costs all in a single program. 
  • Carrier Mobile-Consultant™—The ideal tool for HVAC Professionals and in-home selling. Manual J load calculations and in-home sales and presentation tools, all in one convenient web-based solution! This solution is ideally used on tablet devices, but will open on laptops and desktops too
  • Comfort Builder J Mobile™—ACCA Mobile Manual J load calculation solution. Manual J load calculations have never been easier!

Did you know?

According to the American Home Comfort Study from Decision Analyst1, homeowners spend more with contractors who:

Perform Manual J Load Calculations.
Homeowners spent on average $934 or 26% more with contractors who performed a Manual J load calculation in the home and marketed this expertise

Generate a Professional Proposal in the Home.
Contractors who provide a professional proposal average $507 or 14% more than typical replacement bids accepted

Give a Presentation in-home.
Homeowners spent on average $2349 or 57% more with contractors who gave a presentation on a tablet or computer in the home

1. Decision Analyst American Home Comfort study included responses from 30,000 homeowners. At the 95% probability level all examples listed above were tested and found significant

Comfort Builder enhances a dealer’s professionalism in so many ways! Every presentation covers all the necessary elements when a dealer follows the prescribed selling process within Comfort Builder. It’s impossible to forget any of the value-added services, parts or equipment that they include in their selling process. The software allows the dealer to put their very best whether in the field or in the office