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Comfort Builder Products Overview


Achieve Better Results.


Comfort Builder™ has many exciting new features, visit our What's New page to learn more!


Research shows that customer satisfaction and contractor sales profit increases when they provide a certified Manual J load calculation, a professional proposal and presentation that include options based on consumers needs. Both Comfort Builder and Bryant Mobile Consultant were designed to empower both computer novice and experts alike to succeed using technology to improve their business. Powered by our new step-by-step option-based proposal tool, called System Builder™ and a new easy-to-use web style interface, HVAC professionals finally have the tool to boost sales and employee efficiency.

Four Comfort Builder solutions to choose from:

  • Comfort Builder™—Comfort Builder solution that offers complete sales automation and design tools in a single program. Comfort Builder includes an all-new System Builder™, performs ACCA-certified Manual J and Manual D calculations, generates professional presentations and proposals, and calculates detailed operating costs. Add additional capabilities such as commercial load or geothermal calculations by seamlessly adding on modules (for an additional cost).
  • NEW! Comfort Builder ConsultantIn home selling automation with a new, simple to use interface designed for the novice computer user. This is the ideal solution for generating proposals in the customer’s home.
  • Comfort Builder J Mobile™—The industry’s only mobile solution for performing ACCA-approved one zone Manual J 8th edition load calculations, in a matter of minutes!
  • NEW! Bryant Mobile Consultant—The perfect tool to for HVAC business.Improve your in home presentation, standardize sales process, increase profits and improve dealer confidence.


Did you know?

According to the 2008 American Home Comfort Study from Decision Analyst1, homeowners spend more with contractors who:

Perform Manual J Load Calculations.
Homeowners spent on average $934 or 26% more with contractors who performed a Manual J load calculation in the home and marketed this expertise

Generate a Professional Proposal in the Home.
Contractors who provide a professional written proposal average $507 or 14% more than typical replacement bids accepted

Give a Presentation on a Laptop Computer.
Homeowners spent on average $2349 or 57% more with contractors who gave a presentation on a laptop computer in the home

1. Decision Analyst American Home Comfort study included responses from 30,000 homeowners. The nationally accurate study was fielded in August and September of 2008. At the 95% probability level all examples listed above were tested and found significant