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On-Demand Training is the online video component of MiTek-Wrightsoft's Right-University. The goal of these videos is to assist our customers in learning many of the functions of Wrightsoft Right-Suite® Universal, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own office.

The videos cover a range of topics, and we continuously strive to add more videos as often as possible. From loads and sizing to design and sales, each category has several videos that help explain some of the most frequently asked questions Tech Support receives regarding Right-Suite® Universal.

It is not necessary to log in to view the online videos.

Right-Suite® Universal (RSU) Video Tutorials: Series 1

[ 66 videos ]

Includes: Setting up your software, Manual J loads with Right-Draw, In-home selling, Equipment and operating costs, Right-Draw time savers, and more!

Our most comprehensive set of videos, with step-by-step instructions.

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Getting Started with Right-Suite® Universal

[ 11 videos ]

Includes: overview of the Wrightsoft program and its potential capabilities, plus software setup.

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RSU 2018 New Features

[ 1 video ]

Includes: all new 2018 features including the merge and split tool.

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RSU 2015 New Features

[ 2 videos ]

Includes: ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation, smarter glass door shapes, smart-checker for branch-to-trunk connections and more.

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RSU 2013 New Features

[ 1 video ]

Includes: Smart Ceiling Tool, Dormers,  Advanced Zoning Controls, Check Building Materials Easily and more.

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RSU 2012 New Features

[ 4 videos ]

Includes: Wall-by-wall draw tools, smart shapes, supply return assignment and more.

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Loads and Sizing

[ 35 videos ]

Includes: using Right-Draw and its special features, plus examples of a block load and a room-by-room calculation.

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HVAC System Design

[ 40 videos ]

Includes: beginner and more advanced features of the program relating to duct, radiant, and geothermal loop designs.

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Mobile Solutions

[ 21 videos ]

Includes: Setting up and Using Right-Mobile Consultant™, Right-Roadshow® and Right-Price™.

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[ 34 videos ]

Includes: tutorials explaining how to get started using Right-CAD® and general Right-CAD information.

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How can I request a video?

Wrightsoft's Right-University™ Team is constantly adding new material and looking to improve the On-Demand Training™. If you can't find the video you need, just send us an email. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to post it right away, but we'll work hard to help you.

Just email with:

  1. Your name and company
  2. Your username
  3. Your question with as much specific information as possible.

Don't forget that all Wrightsoft users have access to technical support. You can reach technical support by calling 1-800-225-8697 (opt. 2).

How do I manage my Profile Information?

To manage your account information, you will first need to login by selecting “Login” from the top, center of the screen. After you have logged in, click on your name at the top, center of the screen. You will see the Manage Profile information appear. Here you can change your contact information and other profile properties.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, you will need to login and go to the Manage Profile screen (see above). There you can select “Manage Password”. Enter your current password, and then enter the password you want to change it to, and again to confirm it. When you have finished, click “Change Password”. Your password has been changed and you will need to use the new password to login to the site from now on.

I can't find the answer to my question?

Wrightsoft's Right-University Team is constantly adding new video material in response to requests.  We're just starting, so bear with us! If you are a registered user and have a specific question or comment, you can Request a Video. (You must be logged in to use this feature.)

Also, try searching using the search bar at the top of the page or calling our Technical Support Team at 1-800-225-8697. Wrightsoft's Technical Support is FREE to all users.

The video tutorial shows features or buttons that I don't have.

These videos cover topics addressing all of the Right-Suite modules.  Not all users have purchased every module covered in these videos. If you are interested in learning exactly what you have, or are interested in purchasing additional modules, contact our Wrightsoft Sales Team at 1-800-225-8697.

The videos don't cover commercial topics.

Right-Suite Commercial topics will be added in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned! In the mean time, take advantage of our Technical Support at 1-800-225-8697 and other online resources.

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