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Right Suite Universal requires Windows operating system version 7 or newer (or a Windows emulator on a Mac).

The Mobile Solutions are not Windows based and will work through various web browsers.

To learn more about any of the store items, click on the name of the product. The Right-Suite Universal (RSU) pricing shown is for a software subscription which must be renewed each year. This price includes access to Tech Support and upgrades. Please see the Main Store for Right-Suite Universal purchase-to-own pricing. All Mobile Solutions are priced for annual subscriptions.

To purchase any item, select the Add to Cart button next to the item name. If you have any questions, contact Wrightsoft Sales at (800) 225-8697 (option 1)!

Mobile Solutions (by SaaS subscription only)

Right-Mobile Consultant with Right-Price (1-year subscription) (has Map Link / Autotrace feature)
(ACCA Approved Block Manual J loads, In Home Selling and Pricing Systems )
Right-Mobile Consultant with Right-Price & Rebate (1-year subscription) (has Map Link / Autotrace feature)
(ACCA Approved Block Manual J loads, In Home Selling and Pricing Systems with Rebates)

Right-Energy® Florida R405-2023 (single family/new construction)

This particular SaaS module can be added to either SaaS or Permanent licenses. Note that SaaS subscription expiration or WSS expiraton must be matched to the Right-Energy Florida expiration when purchasing.
Right-Energy® Florida (1 Year Subscription)
(*PLEASE NOTE: This is a 1 year SaaS subscription to Right-Energy Florida. You must own Right-J and Right-Draw to purchase this item! )

Right-CAD® Add-On

Right-CAD® Add-On SaaS
(Right-Cad can be added to an existing RSU SaaS license by itself, or purchased along with a NEW RSU SaaS license. Minimum needed to accompany a NEW Right-Cad SaaS purchase is a load module:  Right-J (ACCA), Right -F280 (HRAI), Right-Comm Load (ASHRAE), or Right-N (ACCA). If choosing a residential load module, one other module is needed to satisfy the $400 SaaS license minimum.)

Common Residential Software Subscription Packages

Residential Duct Pro (1 yr )
(Right-J, Right-Draw, Right-D, Right-Proposal)
Residential Super Duct (1 yr )
(Right-J, Right-Draw, Right-D, Right-Proposal, Right-2Line)

Common Commercial Software Subscription Packages

Commercial Basic Duct (1 yr )
( Right-CommLoad, Right-Draw, Right-CommDuct)
Commercial Duct Pro (1 yr )
(Right-CommLoad, Right-Draw, Right-CommDuct, Right-Proposal)
Commercial Super Duct (1 yr )
(Right-CommLoad, Right-Draw, Right-CommDuct, Right-Proposal, Right-Comm2Line)

Common Combination Software Subscription Packages

Combo Loads and Residential Duct (1 yr )
(Right-J, Right-Comm Load, Right-Draw, Right D)
Combo Loads and Commercial Duct (1 yr )
(Right-J, Right-CommLoad, Right-Draw, Right-CommDuct)
Combo Loads and Ducts (1 yr )
(Right-J, Right-CommLoad, Right-Draw, Right-D, Right-CommDuct)
Combo Loads & Ducts Pro (1 yr )
(Right-J, Right-CommLoad, Right-Draw, Right-D, Right-CommDuct, Right-Proposal)
RSU Complete (1 yr )
(All Modules Offered For Right-Suite Universal)

SaaS MODULES (While individual modules can be added to an existing SaaS license, New and Renewal SaaS licenses need a $400 total package minimum.)

Right-J® (1 yr )
(ACCA Manual J Loads)
Right-Draw® (1yr )
(Drag-and-drop floor-plan)
Right-D® (1 yr )
(ACCA Manual D Ducts)
Right-2Line™ (1 yr )
(Convert single line to 2-dimensional Ducts *Requires Right D)
Right-HV™ (1 yr )
(High-Velocity Ducts)
Right-B (1 yr )
(In-field Air Flow Balancing)
Right-Proposal™ (1 yr )
(Instant Parts Takeoff, Custom Proposals)
Right-$™ (1 yr )
(Residential Equipment Operating Cost, ROI & Comparison)
Right-Energy® (1 yr )
(Residential Energy Analysis(not Right-Energy Florida))
Right-Loop™ (1 yr )
(Geothermal Loop)
Right-Radiant® (1 yr )
(Radiant In-floor Heating Design)
Right-SolarDHW™ (1 yr )
(Solar Domestic Hot Water)
Right-Title 24 (1 yr )
(California Title 24 Energy Code Compliance)
Right-F280™ (1 yr )
(CSA F280-12 Load Calculation)
Right-Duct™ (1 yr )
(Canada HRAI Residential Duct)
Right-CommLoad™ (1 yr )
(ASHRAE CLTD/RTS Commercial Loads)
Right-CommDuct™ (1 yr )
(ASHRAE Commercial Duct Design)
Right-Comm2Line™ (1 yr )
(Convert single line to 2-dimensional ducts *Requires Right-Comm Duct )
Right-N® (1 yr )
(ACCA Manual N Commercial Load Method)
Florida J Energy Gauge Link (1 yr )
(Link to convey Manual J load data from RSU directly into Florida's Energy Gauge software)
REScheck™ Link (1 yr )
(Data Link to convey load data from RSU into RES-Check)
REM/Rate Link (1 yr )
(Data Link to convey RSU load data into Rem/Rate)
EnergyPro Link (1 yr )
(Data Link to convey RSU data into EnergyPro)
COMcheck™ Link (1 yr )
(Data Link to convey load data from RSU into Com-Check)

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