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Introducing Right-CAD®

Right-CAD® FAQs

Why do I need Right-CAD®? 

Builders almost entirely use dwg files made with CAD programs, so we made Right-CAD® easy to edit and compose dwg files. You can use it like other CAD programs, or like Right-Suite® Universal (RSU) to do HVAC loads, ducts, and design systems.

Do I need to understand how to use CAD?

If you want to design an HVAC system and already use RSU®, then the answer is: not really. We have made the same RSU® tools, calculations and reports you already use, available in Right-CAD®. However, standard CAD commands used to draw a bracket or a motor mount, will require knowledge of standard CAD tools.

Is Right-CAD® really a 3D program?

Yes, Right-CAD® is a full-blown 3D CAD program with tools to work in both 2D and 3D. For example, you can draw the floorplan of the house along with the ductwork in 2D and then view the house in 3 dimensions - you can rotate it and flip it, or look at it upside down. Right-CAD® uses dwg files as its "native" file format, so it's a true CAD program.

Why use 3D?

It might seem that all you need for duct layout is 2D drawings. However, being able to easily and quickly view your RSU building and duct model in 3D is a fast way to spot input errors. Windows that are missing and ducts that don’t connect are visually obvious mistakes that your brain can see in an instant if it’s an image, but can take hours to find by hunting through input fields. Also, your customers will love to see the professionalism of a rendered duct system!

Can it read and write files from Right-Suite® Universal?

Yes! Right-CAD® can import and export RSU® files. You can import an RSU® file for a previous project, and then display or edit it within Right-CAD®. You may also save it as a dwg file and export it back into RSU file format. In fact, simply importing an RSU® file with a duct design and viewing it in 3D will be a very useful tool to spot errors in input data.

Can I send the dwg file to someone who doesn’t own Right-CAD®?

Yes, and they can read it into any other CAD program that uses dwg files to display what you have designed. Of course, if they don’t have Right-CAD®, they won’t be able to use the HVAC Shapes® in RSU® and Right-CAD® to edit the file.

Is Right-CAD® a separate program from RSU®?

Current RSU® owners can purchase an add-on license that installs on the same computer that RSU® is installed, and it uses the same serial number and modules that RSU® has installed. This means you do not have to pay for another set of modules like loads and ducts. On the other hand, we also have a license for a completely seperate, stand-alone version of Right-CAD®, to which you could add a separate copy of any RSU® module.

Can I use standard CAD tools like offset, trim and fillet?

Yes. If you want to learn CAD, Right-CAD® provides a complete set of industry-standard CAD commands.

Can I run Right-CAD® alone without any RSU® modules?

This program cannot be used alone without any RSU® modules. In order to run Right-CAD®, you must own a minimum of one load calculation module like Right-J®, Right-F280™, Right-CommLoad™ or Right-N®.

What is required to view a realistic 3D duct design in Right-CAD®?

In order to create and view a duct system design (i.e. ducts), you must also own the necessary duct design module(s) like Right-D®, Right-CommDuct™, Right-Duct™ (HRAI) or Right-HV™ Duct. To view your Right-CAD® duct designs in a realistic 3D view (figure 1), you must also own either Right-2Line™ Duct or Right-Comm2Line™ Duct in addition to a duct design module. See figures 1 and 2 below.



Figure 1 –  Realistic 3D view with 2line module                                                                 Figure 2 – Single-Line 3D view without 2line module


Figure 1 reflects a design created with a load module, duct module and 2Line duct module, while Figure 2 reflects a design created with only a load module and a duct module. We encourage users to combine Right-CAD® with any and all RSU modules to take full advantage of the program.

Can I create a radiant design in Right-CAD®?

Right-CAD® is a great tool to view your radiant system design when coupled with our Right-Radiant® module. You can view your system design from every angle as shown in figure 3, or in 2D as shown in figure 4. Realistic 3D view is not currently available with Right-Radiant®.


Figure 3 – Radiant 3D view with 2line module                                 Figure 4 – Radiant 2D view with 2line module