A Letter from Bill Wright


Introducing Right-CAD®

Dear Fellow HVAC Designer,

Are you getting more CAD plans for system designs and quotes these days? Wouldn’t you like to be able to open them up and do an ACCA/ASHRAE load right in a CAD program, without ever leaving it?

We’ve got the answer for you! Right-CAD® is a new program from Wrightsoft for Right-Suite® Universal (RSU) users who want to do HVAC loads and system designs in a CAD program without any other software. This is a separate program that can read and write files from RSU or regular CAD (dwg) files. You don’t have to throw away your RSU files. In fact, you can read them into Right-CAD® and save them as dwg files to exchange with architects, engineers and other CAD users.

To make it easy to get going, we’ve transported all our HVAC shapes and tools into the CAD world so that you don’t have to learn CAD to do loads. If you already know how to use RSU, this is the program for you! If you can do a load in RSU, then you can learn how to produce CAD drawings and ACCA/ASHRAE load calculations without using any fancy CAD instructions.

There really isn’t any catch. If you want to explore outside Wrightsoft’s HVAC shapes and use all the standard CAD commands, those are there also. This CAD program is a full-blown 3D program, not like the low-end

lite versions you may have seen selling for over a thousand dollars. You will use the same floor plan entry tools you’re familiar with to enter building descriptions for your system design.

Not long ago, I was visiting one of our customers who does hundreds of plans with RSU. We were walking by a workstation where one of their technicians was doing an HVAC plan with RSU, I happened to notice that they also had a CAD program open on a second screen. They were copying from RSU to CAD to get a dwg version. I asked them how much time it would save them if they had a Wrightsoft program to open the builder’s dwg file and just started doing loads and ducts.

“Oh my gosh!” the technician said, “It would save us hours! You mean we’d have the same smart Room, Door and Window objects and we could just trace right over the dwg floor plans without any fuss? It would do the load with the Load Meter and show the Sheets and Layers in the Sheet Tree? And it would draw the ducts all sized with fittings and everything calculated?”

I had to say “Well, yes, that’s what I mean.” We made Right-CAD® to solve a problem many designers often have – a shortage of time to produce fully readable dwg files without learning CAD commands- at an affordable price. How did we do that? It wasn’t easy, but the result is worth our efforts. What we did was isolate all our calculations that we’ve so carefully developed over the past 30 years and make them into an HVAC computation engine with all our reports. We then married that engine with a full 3D CAD program, customized with our own ribbon menus.

Once you’ve purchased, and your WSS is active, you can download Right-CAD® and get going right away. You’ll see both RSU and Right-CAD® as separate programs on your computer and will be able to go back and forth between them. Right-CAD® comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee and a downloadable Quick Start manual explaining the differences between RSU and Right-CAD®, so you’ll have two months to make sure the program is what I say it is and to be producing CAD drawings like a pro.

Best Regards,







Bill Wright