MiTek-Wrightsoft Trainer - Stephen Platka

Best Advice

"Pick your battles. This is not just marital advice, but life advice as well." 


As with most parents, Steve spends most of his free time with his kids. He is an Assistant Coach for his son's baseball team, a Boy Scout Den Leader, and the Director of First Impressions at Grace Church in his hometown. Steve brings the same level of excellence to each endeavor he tackles - including his work.

Favorite Superhero

After reading about Steve's hobbies, I guess you won't find it surprising that Steve's favorite superhero is Superman.

Steve says his life motto is, "Treat people with love and kindness." Definitely sounds like something an everyday superhero would say.

Superman Stephen Platka

Professional Bio

Stephen Platka joined Wrightsoft in 2004 after completing his Mechanical Engineering degree at WIT in Boston. (Wentworth Institute of Technology) After just one year working in the Technical Support Department, Steve was promoted to Trainer and has been mentoring our clients for the last 15 years.
Steve became a HERS Rater in 2013 to become an expert in energy efficiency.

Best Vacation

Steve rented an RV last year and drove to Florida to visit Disneyworld with his family. The family's favorite part of the trip was getting to see so many alligators. Thankfully they made it home safely.