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Right-J® Mobile

wireless based app, manual j block load

Smart contractors know Manual J load calculations win business.Right-J® Mobile revolutionizes load calculations with an easy to use program with short learning curve. Right-J Mobile is the only mobile solution to perform Manual J load calculations. See video overview here...

Right-J® Mobile is the perfect tool for performing ACCA load calculations in the home.

  • Perform fast and easy, ACCA-approved Manual J (block) load calculations in minutes.
  • Revolutionary simple user interface means short learning curve.
  • Trusted Wrightsoft technology with standard Wrightsoft reports approved by code officials and utilities.
  • Designed for the iPad and most smart phones with touch screen capability, including the iPhone and Android phones, as well as web browsers available on laptops and desktop computers . (Requires internet connection).
  • With our exclusive Hotlink Technology the Right-J Mobile software instantly updates based on information and changes entered.
  • Store and retrieve your project on a secure cloud server to enable sharing.
  • Access files from desktop, laptop and mobile device.
  • Open and edit files in Right-Suite® Universal

compatible with right suite universal, colaborate HVAC layouts

Load Calculations In Four Easy Steps.

Customer Setup Screen
1: draw layout, customize materials, get calculation, see graphs In the Customer Setup Screen, simply fill out customer details, including contact information, project location, and job number.
Draw Building Footprint
2: With just a few taps of your screen, draw out your building footprint dimensions to generate a block load.
Select Building Details
3: load calculation on iphone, android, ipad, smartphone, tablet

Select your wall, ceiling and floor R-values, materials, infiltration, and glass area percentage. Right-J™ Mobile submits this information via the Internet to Wrightsoft web servers. Our servers instantly compute the load and send the results back to your handheld device.

View Results!
4: visual load calculation, mobile, sales tool

View your results! You can view your heating and cooling loads with a pie chart breakdown generated by the source of each load.

The information stored on our servers can be imported into Right-Suite Universal to create more complex room-by-room designs.


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Available for $150 per user, per year

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