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"Wrightsoft gives me more than just a number, it tells me what size"
–Bill Buffington,
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duct, design, calculation, ACCA Manual D

A Complete Manual D Duct Design Module


Right-D® is the fast, easy-to-use residential duct design software that takes full advantage of ACCA's streamlined Manual D Method. With Right-Draw®, you can draw your duct design, or simply place the registers and let Right-D design your layout to eliminate the confusing spreadsheets. Even use the optional ductulator for friction rate calculations. Right-D requires at least one load calculation module in order to operate (Right-J®, Right-CommLoad™, Right-N® or Right-F280™.)

Bottom Line.

Right-D is a Manual D duct sizing and calculation!

With Right-D duct designs, the ducts are automatically sized based on the airflow and static pressure.

duct design, easy draw, Manual D, ACCA

Set your preferences, draw your floor-plan, and your duct design is practically done for you!

Released in Right-Suite® Universal 2012

Return Duct Balance Tool

  • Easily assign and identify supply registers to return registers

Register Rotation

  • Easily rotate registers and grills to any angle.
More Right-D® Information
  • Automatic and instant recalculation of duct sizes and layouts with the change of any design parameters (such as the orientation of the building) with the Hotlink TechnologyTM.
  • Manually draw your duct system for easy custom duct layouts!
  • Right-D can automatically draw your layouts for plenum, multi-level, flex, and more.
  • Add the Right-2Line™ Duct module and produce professional, CAD-quality two-line drawing for impressive detail to you duct layouts and paperless interaction with AutoCAD files!
  • Full reports available–just click print!
  • View the sample report by clicking on the image to the right
  • Seamlessly connects with other Right-Suite® Universal modules:
    • Right-ProposalTM for instant parts takeoff lists for your duct skeleton and fittings, libraries of preferences and materials, and your pricing information for accurate job estimates!
    • Right-HV™ Duct available for high-velocity systems.

ACCA Manual D, Duct design for HVAC
Setup your duct schedule and the design will stay within those conditions!

duct reports, Heating ventilation air conditioning
Click for Report Sample!

bill of materials, instant calculation, parts take off list
Instant Parts Takeoff Lists with Right-Proposal

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