Expanded Training Videos

Expanded Training Videos - Now free

We have expanded our online training videos to include a residential replacement series as well as made them available at no charge to all customers. The purpose of these videos are to enable users to learn how to use the software, as well as learn some new short cuts at their own pace.

All videos are available at www.wrightsoft.com/university.

We have recently published a new series of videos called Residential replacement. These new videos cover all the features/functionality on how to use RSU in the home including templates, block loads, proposals as well as in-home presentation. The complete list is as follows:

Product Overview

Customize your software
Add your logo
Add your presentations



Template and Library Basics
Set up your template
Create an indoor conditions library
Create an outdoor conditions library
Create a building types library
Create a construction materials library
Create a load preferences library
Create a system type library
Create a report package library
About Wrightsoft reports

Start your project with the sales wizard
Set up Right-Draw
Use Right-Draw Basics
Use Right-Draw - Non Rectangular Shapes
About sheets and layers
Room Details
Window Details
Door Details
Floor Details
Vaulted Ceilings Details
Skylight Details

Valuable Shortcuts

Example Project:
Start the project
Draw the Building
Edit the properties
Set Orientation
Creating multiple zones
Viewing zone information
Using the load meter
Global changes and double-checking

Viewing product information and system demos
Comparing your systems
Using the system selection library
Manually selecting equipment
Types of system comparison

Questionnaire Overview
Question Breakdown
Using the accessories tool

Proposal database overview
Using the excel parts import feature
Using the excel price update feature

Setting up the database:
Preferred parts
Using the Bill of Materials
Setting up and using the Proposal document

Overview of the Sales Manager
Setting up the sales manager
Using the sales manager
Using the sales manager reports

Miscellaneous Videos
Walk Out Finished Basement