Commercial 1-Day Training Course Outline

Right-Suite™Universal Commercial Training

Course Description:

1-day, in-person training program designed to teach HVAC Contractors how to use Right-Suite™ Universal software for commercial applications.

Course Mission:

Enable individuals to use RSU to design commercial HVAC systems. To make the process easier, faster, and more accurate so HVAC systems are optimally designed.


1. Overview of Right-Suite™ Universal

  • The power of integration
  • The ability to design, sell and cost a job
  • Right-Suite™ Universal commercial reports
  • Components and symbols

2. Beginning the Project

  • Setting design conditions
  • Project components
  • Creating a default template

3. Using Scenarios

  • Pre-existing scenarios
  • Editing and adding scenarios
  • Selecting set points
  • Schedules
  • Setting internal gains
  • Setting ventilation and infiltration options

4. Describe the Project

  • Project components
  • Selecting drawing scale options
  • Selecting default construction materials
  • Verifying project information

5. Describe the Building with Right-Draw®

  • Creating a block load
  • Adding doors and windows
  • Quick-copy doors and windows
  • Adding a room
  • Property sheets
  • Room-by-room design 


6. Utilize Special Features in Right-Draw®

  • Changing temperature differences
  • Grouping objects
  • Designing with edit points
  • Notation layers
  • Adding vaulted ceilings

7. Zoning

  • Adding plants and air handlers
  • Creating a VAV system
  • Screens linked to zones

8. Air Distribution: Right-CommDuct™

  • Equipment CFM
  • Duct materials
  • Other design preferences
  • Fitting types

9. Duct Design

  • Automated duct design
  • Manual duct design
  • Balancing return air
  • Connecting the duct system
  • Risers and multi-level design

10. Custom Reports and Catalogs

  • Creating custom reports and catalogs
  • Customizing reports
  • File operation

11. Helpful and Time Saving Hints

  • Using templates for Right-CommLoad™ and Right-CommDuct™
  • How to use helpful files as a reference for Right-Suite™ Universal