Setup / Templates

FAQ–Setup and Templates


Q. What information should I store in a template?

A. You can store any kind of Right-Suite Universal project information in a template.  Some information you could include:

Project-Wide Information

  • Project Information Screen
    • Contractor name, address, phone, etc
    • Weather data
    • Common fuel cost data
    • Financing and cost data
  • Zone Information

In Right-Draw

  • Default Construction Numbers
  • Duct system type

Load Calculations

  • Infiltration calculation method
  • Window types
  • Ceiling height
  • Duct loss/gain

...and more!

Q. What is a Right-Suite Universal template?

A. A template is just a project file that has been saved with some preset information. When you start a new project with a template, a project file is created with the information from the template file already entered. All you have to do is enter the project specific information. Templates are particularly effective for repeating common job types.

Q. How do I create a template?

A. The easiest way to create a template is to start with a project file. Enter all of the information you use regularly. When you are finished, save the file as a template by selecting File | Save As | Template... The file will be saved with an .RUT file extension.

Q. What is a default template and how is it different from the other templates?

A. The default template refers to how your screens look when you first open the program. The default template is created and works the same as any other template; the only difference is that the default template opens automatically when you first open Right-Suite Universal. To create you own default template, enter all of the data that you wan in the default template, but instead of saving the file as a template, select File | Save As | Default Template.


Q. How can I change the tool bar icon size in the program?

A. Go to View, click on tool bars. Click the appropriate button size

Q. How do I license the program from a demo?

A. Go to Help, Click on Licensing. Insert your Red disk and click on the ' Synchronize Red Disk ' button