Right-Suite® Universal: New Features

Coming Soon! Right-MiniSplit **

  • Mini-split Smart Objects for Right-Draw to easily match indoor units to outdoor units and calculate line length
  • Use for a single room or multi-room stand-alone as zoned Systems
  • Single or multi-head capabilities
  • Ducted and Ductless Systems
  • Equipment selection matched to load
  • Ability to easily add your line set and sizes, accessories to Bill of Material
  • Automatic link to Bill of material
  • Multi-use mode- Draw screen, smart objects, room property sheet and zone tree
  • Annual equipment operating cost
  • AHRI database

** Load Calculation and Right-Draw  Modules Required. Right-MiniSplit is included in the purchase of your 2019 WSS for Permanent License users. In order to maintain access, you must have an active WSS. Right-MiniSplit is also available as an annual subscription (SaaS)

Global Improvements

  • Improved Print Preview Capabilities
  • Improved library database update settings
  • Coming Soon! Right-Cloud (Cloud based RSU file storage) *


  • Ability to color code ducts by zone to match installation
  • Easily Import/Read up to AutoCAD 2019
  • Improved Frustum Ceiling allows multiple unique materials of vaulted ceilings *


  • One Step connection to RMC/RJM cloud files
  • Actual Duct Leakage Test data can now calculate duct losses for Manual J *
  • Expanded Excel import of package equipment *
  • Ability to override Ceiling and Floor Delta T *
  • Heat Pump Capacity Balance Point Graph *


  • Easily move Return registers from one floor to another

* Features are not yet release but are expected to be released in 2019.