Introducing Right-Suite® Universal 2018

Our most exciting software update yet, designed to save time and improve your design. 

Renew your Wrightsoft Software and Support Subscription to Right-Suite Universal 2018 NOW to get these great new features and demonstrate code compliance.

With over 20 New and Exciting Features, Including:

  • Divide and/or merge rooms. Merge or divide rooms with one click.
  • Show longest equivalent length duct supply and return runs in Right-Draw to improve performance and shorten system design
  • Create a library of your preferred supply and return registers.
  • Separate duct preferences per floor.
  • Manually enter the blower door target ACH of any residential home to quickly determine the exact infiltration load.
  • Highlight different systems or zones for multi-system designs.
  • Updated ASHRAE 62.1.2016 Ventilation table.
  • Updated ASHRAE Fundamentals 2017 heat gains table for occupancy.
  • Easily view each part of your design by setting the wall, ceiling, and/or floor transparency.
  • New Code Compliant Reports:
    • New J1 Form Report
    • New J1 Form, Worksheet A Report
    • ASHRAE Standard 183 Report
  • Multi-orientation Duct System report for 8 different orientations.
  • Major Manual S updates:
    • New rules to show compliance for two stage and variable stage equipment.
    • New heat pump rules to size for both heating and cooling in heating climates.*
    • Streamlined data entry for equipment without extended performance data supplied to Wrightsoft.
  • Map duct items on the fly, directly from the property sheet
  • Split register CFM per room*
  • Rotate furnace position for most accurate representation of your system*
  • Identify multiple construction types for a Frustum Ceiling*
  • Easily accessible front door orientation tool in Right-Draw®*
  • Manually override floor or ceiling areas in the property sheets when working with irregular areas*
    Improved equipment icons*

* Feature coming soon, not released yet.

Right-Suite® Universal 2018 - New Features video

The Merge and Split Tool