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For over ten years, Norm Belanger has been using Wrightsoft to calculate his heating and cooling loads. Overall, he feels that it has helped him tremendously and he can provide a service to his customers by installing properly sized systems.

"If more contractors would use load software on every job, it would help our industry."
–Norm Belanger

Right-F280™ (HRAI)

Now Available with CAN/CSA-F280-12 Updates!


Wrightsoft and HRAI are pleased to offer Right-F280™, the industry’s premier residential load calculator for Canada. Not just based on CAN/CSA-F280-12, Right-F280 is F280 on screen.

Bottom Line.

Developed with HRAI, Right-F280 is the easiest to learn and easiest to use F280 load calculation tool.

Right-F280 HRAI Load Worksheet
The Right-F280 worksheet is a computerized version of HRAI's F280 load method.
Use the libraries to select your building materials and rapidly calculate your load!

New Features:

Weather Data
► 2013 ASHRAE weather data
► ACCA addendum E weather data update : Microclimate data for CA, AZ, HI, NV
► F280 2012 weather data
ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation
► Includes both 2010 and 2013 standards 
► Calculates minimum fresh air needed per home
Energy Star HVAC Report Version 8
► Integrated Energy Star Certified Home Version 3 for demonstrating compliance


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More Right-F280 Information

As part of Right-Suite® Universal, Right-F280 enables a new level of productivity. Your loads are automatically Hotlinked to all your other purchased Right-Suite Universal modules, including Right-Draw®, Right-Duct™, and Wrightsoft’s other design and sales modules.

Hotlink Technology™ means that your designs, sales proposals, and operating cost analysis require little additional input to complete and any changes you make to your load or design instantly updates every other module of the program. Hotlink means that your complete project design can be done in only a little more time than it takes to do a load!

  • HRAI Approved.
  • Easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Hotlink Technology automatically recalculates your load and design based on changes–at blazing speed!
  • All F280 Tables, including mobile homes.
  • Materials library including custom surfaces for unusual materials.
  • Whole house block load calculations or detailed room-by-room BTU’s and CFM’s.
  • Zoning is easy! Multizone with a single central VAV or multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Preloaded ARI/GAMA electronic equipment directory ensures accurate technical data and sizing.
  • Handles hydronics easily! Use hi & low density baseboards.
  • Expert assistant reviews your data for accuracy and compliance and alerts you to potential problems or errors.
  • Detailed pie charts give the breakdown for heating and cooling loads.
  • Both HRAI and sales-oriented reports.
  • Add on Right-ProposalTM for fully customized proposals. These proposals can fill out automatically based on your calculation!
  • Simple, detailed, and blower door infiltration calculations.
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